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Dow Jones Futures: Cisco stock is nearing the point of purchase while the current stock market rally has been tested

Dow Jones futures were little changed in early Thursday, along with S & P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures. The report said that President Donald Trump had considered a 60-day extension of the increase in Chinese tariffs. Dow Jones Tech giant Cisco Systems (CSCO) reported higher-than-expected earnings and projections, while increasing dividend and buy-back. The Cisco stock rose overnight signaling a rise above a point of purchase. HubSpot (HUBS) pulled back after the top software stock announced plans for a stock offering. Meanwhile, the current stock market rally is facing another test when the Nasdaq Composite encountered resistance on Wednesday.


Dow Jones Futures today

Dow Jones futures were equal to fair value and erased moderate losses. The futures of S & P 500 were flat. Nasdaq 100 futures rose 0.1%. The Cisco stock is a member of Dow, S & P 500 and Nasdaq. Keep in mind that the overnight action in Dow futures and elsewhere is not necessarily translated into actual trading in the next regular trading session.

Bloomberg reported that Trump was pushing for a 60-day cut in China's deadline by March 1, and a short-term decision to impose higher tariffs on Chinese goods would be avoided. Trump has signaled that he could delay the tariff decision in China. Two high-level trade talks with China begin in Beijing on Thursday. Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet with US officials on Friday.

Current stock market rally

The current stock market rally has risen sharply since Christmas. On Tuesday, the major averages looked beyond a mini-consolidation as the S & P 500 index surpasses its 200-day mark. On Wednesday, the Nasdaq came to this line, but retreated and finished lower than 0.1%. The S & P 500 Index rose 0.3% and the Dow Jones 0.5%.

Growth stocks that outperformed for several days had an inconspicuous session on Wednesday. If the stock market moves sideways or retreats, the top stocks are unlikely to continue to develop and may retreat. Remember, when managing your individual positions and your overall portfolio.

It's Valentine's Day on Thursday, but when it comes to the stock market, invest with your head and not with your heart.

Cisco earnings

Cisco's revenue increased 16% to 73 cents per share in the second quarter, while revenue increased 4% to $ 12.45 billion. This ended two quarters of accelerating Cisco's earnings growth and four quarters of slower revenue growth. However, analysts expected a 72 cents Cisco profit on revenue of $ 12.41 billion.

Cisco expects an EPS of 76-78 cents in the third quarter, and revenue increased by 4% to 6%. This is well above the consensus Cisco revenue of 76 cents and a 3% revenue increase.

The network and services giant expanding network giant raised its dividend to 35 cents a share. Cisco has also increased its share repurchase program by $ 15 billion, a current approval of $ 24 billion.

Cisco shares rose 3.9% to 49.36 in late trading. This signals a rise of just above a buy-point of 49.24 from a base with double bottom. The relative strength of the performance of a stock relative to the S & P 500 index peaked on December 13, but has since fallen slightly.

HubSpot-share offer

The HubSpot share fell 2.5% to 167.57 in late trading. The software company plans to sell 1.7 million shares. This happened after HubSpot was one of five top software stocks that made gains on Tuesday. HubSpot revenue and distribution pushed views, while first-quarter guidance was in line. On Wednesday, equities rose to 180, dropping to 167.72, closing at 0.1%, down 171.87.

The HubSpot share will be extended by a purchase point of 158.76 points.


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