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dpa-AFX overview: ECONOMY from 07/21/2021 – 5:00 p.m. | 07/21/21

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ROUNDUP: Quick help for flood victims: the federal and state governments are giving many millions

BERLIN – You shouldn’t hesitate long in the crisis, says Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz, that applies after the flood disaster just as it did at the beginning of the corona pandemic. Aid must have first priority – “and not any principles,” said the SPD politician in Berlin on Wednesday. One week after the devastating flood, which now has more than 170 fatalities, the federal government is loosing millions for emergency aid that is supposed to quickly support the people in the disaster area with essentials. But some practical questions also remain open.

ROUNDUP / London wants to reopen the Brexit agreement over Northern Ireland

LONDON – A little over six months after it came into full force, the British government plans to renegotiate parts of the Brexit agreement. The British Brexit representative David Frost said on Wednesday in London. “Substantial changes” are needed to the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol, said the cabinet member in the House of Lords. He added, “To put it simply, we can’t go on like this.”

ROUNDUP: Incidence has been increasing for over two weeks – 2203 new infections

BERLIN – The seven-day incidence has been rising continuously for over two weeks. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Wednesday morning, it was 11.4 – the previous day the value was 10.9 and the most recent low on July 6th was 4.9. Accordingly, the health authorities in Germany reported to the RKI last within one day 2,203 new corona infections. This is evident from the figures from Wednesday morning, which reflect the status of the RKI dashboard at 4:36 a.m. It is possible that 21 new infections from Brandenburg are missing. These could not be recorded by the RKI for technical reasons, as the State Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday. A week ago, the value for Germany was 1548 infections.

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South Korea reports a new high in daily corona infections

SEOUL – The number of new corona infections recorded daily has reached a record high in South Korea. 1784 cases were reported on Tuesday, the health authorities announced on Wednesday. The total number increased to more than 182,000.

Study: Two thirds of the people in India have corona antibodies

NEW DELHI – Two thirds of people in India aged six and over have had contact with the coronavirus or received a corona vaccination and developed appropriate antibodies. This is the conclusion of an investigation on behalf of the Indian government with samples from more than 36,000 people from June and July, as the Ministry of Health announced. The results are a glimmer of hope, said the head of the Indian Council of Medical Research, Balram Bhargava, at the press conference. However, he also urged citizens to continue to adhere to corona rules. Because around 400 million of the more than 1.3 billion inhabitants of the country still have no antibodies.

France is tightening corona rules again

PARIS – In the fight against a new corona wave, stricter corona rules apply in France. In the cinema, theater or museum, a negative corona test or proof of vaccination or recovery is required from Wednesday on. This applies as soon as more than 50 people come together. Head of state Emmanuel Macron announced the changes last week. According to the Official Journal, other events or locations such as trade fairs or certain sports facilities are also affected.

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Japanese exports are picking up again significantly

TOKYO – Japanese exports are continuing to recover at a rapid pace from the corona shock last year. Exports of automobiles and auto parts as well as of chip manufacturing systems, which are currently in high demand from China in particular, given the global semiconductor shortage, provided tailwind. The value of exports rose by 48.6 percent in June compared to the same period in the previous year, which was marked by the corona pandemic, the Japanese Ministry of Finance announced in Tokyo on Wednesday. This allowed exports to grow almost as strongly as in May, when they had climbed by almost half, and thus as strongly as not since 1980. Economists had expected exports to continue to grow significantly in June, but on average a not quite as high plus on the list.

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