DPD Senator Surprised Anies Can Ignore Beer Sponsor and Champagne Celebration in Formula E

It’s proven that the beer and drinking trash ads don’t appear in the races

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The implementation of Formula E in Ancol has been running successfully. The DPD senator from Central Java, DR Abdul Kholik, who attended the race performance, admitted it. Not only that, he was surprised when this electric car racing event was able to run by ignoring the beer sponsor advertisements and the absence of a celebration of drinking champagne when the trophy was handed over to the racer who rose to the victory podium.

“Congratulations to Mr. Governor Anies Baswedan and the organizers of the Formula E race. We were in doubt at first event This big event can be done because the time is tight and there are so many other obstacles. But it turned out to be successful. And I was even more surprised when in Formula E, it turned out that it could be held without beer advertisements and the celebration of drinking champagne on the winner’s podium. This is really cool,” said Abdul Kholik in an interview in Jakarta (5/6).

According to Kholik, the absence of advertisements for beer and drinking champagne indicates that Anies has a good lobby team. They can convince the parent organizer of Formula E to understand local cultural values ​​and respect the beliefs at the venue. “This lobby seems to have worked. The beer and champagne advertisements that the public had been fussing about before the race, turned out to be non-existent. This is clearly sophisticated lobbying.”

In addition, continued Kholik, the racing event has also turned out to be a gathering place for national political figures and elites. This impression is very good for the community because until now it is very clear that there has been an acute division. The issue of the division of the nation due to political competition can be a bit muted.

“We have to see President Jokowi, MPR Chair Bambang Susatyo, DPR Speaker Puan Maharani, ministers like Sandiaga Uno present. Their appearance in Formula E is a relief. Hopefully the political elite can emulate this event that no matter how hard the competition is, they will continue to compete. can meet and have a good conversation. It doesn’t lead to personal problems or for their own interests,” he said again.

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Even so, he said, in the future, the implementation of Formula E must continue to be addressed and improved. For example, making this event a vehicle for displaying other regional arts so that they are not Jakarta centric. For example, the Central Javanese art that became the mascot of this circuit, namely Kuda Lumping, was shown.

“In the future, we hope that Formula E can become an Indonesian event. But why is this not visible now, I think it also has something to do with the absence or absence of SOEs providing sponsors. So all the financing must be borne by DKI alone. So we understand his fate like stepchildren with children when compared to the Mandalika race which is full of SOE sponsors. In the future, things like this should not be repeated,” said Abdul Kholik.