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DPG Media and Groupe Rossel want to take over RTL Belgium for online video – IT Pro – News

by archyw

Certainly true, but unlike (Belarus) Russia, Turkey, China, etc., there is no authoritarian regime here that gains control over the media.

DPG Media is in bed with the Flemish nationalists, actually they are a bit of the FOX news in Flanders. You really notice that in the content of newspapers such as HLN and TV channels such as VTM news. Always studio guests from the same parties, tailor-made articles, little criticism of certain politicians… The only person within DPG that is a bit critical is De Morgen and Joel Deceulaer, who are often attacked from that party. DPG media does not behave like the famous 4th power at all, they have little to gain from that.


You will then receive articles such as https://www.hln.be/everge…gewoon-mijn-job~acd3feed/

but when it later turned out that something was wrong with those mouth masks, everything within DPG changed the narrative that the culprit was an industrialist from Zulte. The PFOS scandal in Flanders, which is a major problem for public health and which was bad for the Flemish nationalists? The box on HLN was at one point smaller than an article about the love life of Kim Kardashian (literally)

The entire new Flemish media decree is almost tailor-made to the wishes of DPG. The VRT did not want to participate in Streamz, the Flemish Netflix of DPG/Telenet? Then we put it aside from the top, we install a few front men and we record it in our media decree. Voila, tax-funded content behind the paywall.


They have also further and further curtailed the public broadcaster so that DPG can experience much less competition from it.

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And subsidies… God we haven’t described that yet: 1 million euros here from vice premier crevits for DPG and then another 30 million euros in recovery funds (of which DPG will probably consume a large part) for a sector that had little to suffer under corona.

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