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DPR Asked to Use Interpellation Rights Regarding BEM UI Hacking

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Deputy Chairperson of the Democratic Party Advisory Council, Rachland Nashidik proposed that the DPR use the interpellation right to investigate the alleged hacking of a number of WhatsApp and social media accounts (medsos) for the management of the University of Indonesia Student Executive BoardFINE UI).

According to him, the use of interpellation rights is important to trace the alleged hacking of WhatsApp and social media accounts of a number of BEM UI administrators.

“Members of the House of Representatives might be able to use their right of interpellation to ask the government about this matter. Was the hacking carried out by state institutions? Are there tools purchased with people’s taxes used for such repressive practices?” Rachland said to CNNIndonesia.com, Monday (28/6).

Rachland said the alleged hacking of WhatsApp and social media accounts for a number of BEM UI administrators is currently a question in the public’s mind. So far, allegations of hacking social media accounts of parties criticizing the government often occur and keep repeating themselves.

“Every time there is a public controversy triggered by citizens’ criticism of political authorities, critics always experience hacking. In the past, UGM students experienced it. Tempo journalists also experienced it and now BEM UI,” he said.

Rachland assesses that the alleged hacking as experienced by the BEM UI management is open to the possibility of being systematic or part of an effort to discipline citizens into political compliance.

If this is true, according to him, the people are faced with a very serious problem, namely efforts to repress freedom of expression by colonizing the right to privacy of citizens.

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“Both are our constitutional rights. So this is a double violation,” he said.

Furthermore, Rachland said similar incidents could be experienced by anyone, including members of political parties who are members of the coalition supporting the government to other members of the DPR.

According to him, it is also important to investigate the parties behind the hacking activities of government critics’ social media accounts ahead of the 2024 general election.

“Moreover, no later than 2023, something natural will happen, namely the widening of the political distance between political parties and the government, because of the five-year agenda of the presidential election,” said Rachland.

“It is important for each political party to use its faction in the DPR to question this issue. Do not let them become victims just because they have different political choices,” he said.

Rachland said that hacking activities against government critics’ social media accounts were not necessarily carried out by the government. However, he emphasized that it was impossible for the hacking activities of social media accounts to be carried out without tools because they looked systematic.

“So a democratic accountability needs to be pursued by the DPR to the government. Because it is a little difficult to assume that ordinary citizens have tools to hack,” said Rachland.

To note, the right of interpellation is one of the three rights granted to the DPR in carrying out its duties and functions.

The Right of Interpellation is the right of the DPR to request information from the Government regarding important and strategic government policies that have a broad impact on the life of society, nation and state.

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Previously, a number of WhatsApp and social media accounts for the BEM UI management were allegedly hacked. This alleged hack took place from yesterday to today, Monday (28/6),

BEM UI is known to criticize and at the same time dub Jokowi as a The King of Lip Service aka King of Boasts. They judge that Jokowi has never kept his promises.

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