Dr. Alejandro Junger: The first pharmacy is our kitchen

“When I grew up in Uruguay 50 years ago there were no supermarkets. My mother cooked all day and with my father once a week we went to the farms. As a child I learned to distinguish which farmer raised his vegetables with love and which one did not. It was another life, with fewer comforts, but much healthier because we ate real foods, “recalled the Dr. Alejandro Young in the DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS digital program, Café con Camila.

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Uruguay, the renowned doctor moved to New York to carry out his postgraduate degree in Cardiology. It was there that his research journey began and the journey that shaped him as a physician.

“During the 6 years that my specialization lasted in New York, the life change was so drastic that I started to get sick. I started to gain weight, developed allergies, my digestion was not working well, and I suffered from bloating, constipation and diarrhea. But what scared me the most is that I didn’t want to live. “

“I consulted with my colleagues, and I ended up with three diagnoses: severe allergy, severe depression, and irritable bowel. I remember being given 7 prescription drugs to kill the symptoms, but I was never convinced of my diagnosis and started looking for other solutions. And in that search I found many of the things that are the basis of my life and my professional practice ”, he said.

A new way of life

When the Dr. Alejandro Young After finishing his specialization in Cardiology, he decided to go to a monastery in India to learn how to meditate. There he was exposed to Chinese, Ayurvedic, naturopathic, osteopathic medicine, among others.

“I worked as a doctor there, and it opened my eyes and the possibilities. I was impressed with how strongly these other forms of medicine think and decide what to do with a patient. We arrogantly call these practices alternative medicine, but they have been practiced for more than 5 thousand years in the world, modern medicine and drugs are really the alternative ”.

After that experience, the Dr. Younger He returned to the United States to rejoin the formal health system.

“I was very frustrated. It is a business and justifying my salary meant that I had to see 1 patient every 7 minutes. She couldn’t work that way. Chronic diseases are not well understood or treated by the medicine modern ”, he sentenced.

What a person eats, how they think, who they meet, their level of satisfaction in life, all of this should be conceived as part of a patient’s diagnosis, says the Dr. YoungerTherefore, through his books, he invites us to conceive health taking into account the person and their environment.

“Most of the chronic diseases that people suffer are caused by some microorganism, toxins or by a combination of both. And of course, due to the lack of the necessary nutrients that are responsible for detoxifying the body and defending it from microorganisms ”.

“To feel better we have to eliminate 5 basic groups: alcohol, coffee, dairy products, gluten and sugar. When someone succeeds immediately, their body begins to function better. You have to eat real foods, as designed and as provided by nature. The problem is that 90% of the things we find in supermarkets have preservatives, sweeteners, colorants, flavorings, solvents, etc., all of this destroys our health ”.

Finally, the cardiologist recommended that they strengthen the immune system by consuming the complete range of foods that nature provides us.

“Vitamin C, Zinc, melatonin, vitamin D, pre and probiotics help a lot. Now that we are in a pandemic time, garlic and onion are antiviral and antibacterial, so it is worth consuming them, like ginger ”, he concluded.


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