Dr. Alex George may not have had the easiest time yet at Love Island Villa, but in the final episode of the ITV2 reality show, he eventually joined the infamous Do Bits Society. Viewers saw the Welsh reality star sharing a kiss with new love Alexandra Cane before the two were cuddled together. Of course, the boys later asked Dr. Alex wondered what exactly had happened between the sheets. Dr. Alex confirmed that he now has full membership in the exclusive club, after he has admitted that he has reached "Level 4" with Alexandra. "Level four – there's smooching and strong cuddling," he said, adding, "Cheers, guys, member of the Do Bits Society.

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Fellow Islander Jack Fincham explained Alex position in society. Jack said, "He's in, is not he?" I sent him his membership in the mail, he should get it within three to five working days, he's a solid fourth now, kisses and spoon in bed. " And Dr. Alex was not the only one who missed the beans on their rendezvous. Alexandra opened the girls the new connection. "It's so nice, he's so lovely, you can say he's such a sweetheart," she said.

Alexandra has dr. Alex selected for reintegration
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"I've gone out with boys like him before and it did not work out, but I think that was because of being young." Sometimes, when you're younger, you want a playboy and a little challenge, but it's just beautiful Someone who really respects you. Laura Anderson praised the couple in the Beach hut and said, "I've never heard a girl talking about Alex here like Alexandra. It is really cute and genuine. "

Alexandra and Alex get to know each other
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Meanwhile, the fans were pleased that the unfortunate love doctor had finally joined the DBS. "The licensing requirements for the do-bits society seem to be pretty relaxed for Dr. Alex # love Iceland "Wrote a Twitter user." The admission requirements for the Do-bits society seem to Dr. med. Alex pretty relaxed # love Iceland , Tweeted another. A third commented, "The admission requirements for the Do Bits Society seem to have been quite relaxed for Dr. Alex # love Iceland , * Love Island will air on Sunday night at 21:00 on ITV2


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