Dr. Botev: There is a drug in Bulgaria that is 100% effective against Kovid-19

Is there a cure for Kovid-19 in Bulgaria?

“Treatment is the right protocol, not a drug. In Bulgaria, everyone is looking for a miracle cure. There is no such thing,” said the hematologist. Dr. Chavdar Botev in the election studio “Elections: third act”.

According to him, “proning” posture should be done in all wards and reduces mortality in 64% of cases.

“In most places it is not done, and the reason for this is that it requires a lot of effort from the staff. I will also tell you what zodiac sign this disease is. It is a zodiac sign cancer, because you have to do everything contrary to the doctor’s logic,” he explained. Dr. Botev.

The era of inhibitors is currently coming to Bulgaria. This is the “Merk” drug with 50% efficiency. But we in Bulgaria we have a drug that is 100% effective in previous clinical trials. It is registered as a food supplement. It is called “Arethimic Support” and “Arethimic Rescue”, and is approved in Europe for the treatment of Covid-19. Phase 2 has passed and has continued as a drug under the name “Symmetry”. A huge factory is being built in India for this thing, in the United States as well. A plant was built in Malta and put into operation on 16 November. We have a cure, “said the doctor.

According to him, it should be taken in the context of the protocol in all phases of Kovid-19.

“We gave it to people who are in a hospital setting. We gave it to five patients who went to intubation and five came out,” explained Dr. Botev, adding that the drug is entirely biological.

“One of the ingredients – turmeric, is not absorbed at all. The other ingredient is incense, which has incredibly strong antiviral properties and the third ingredient is artemisinin and vitamin C,” said the hematologist.

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“I am ready to help with everything I can and know. I hope now as a professor to be heard,” said Dr. Botev.

“According to recent research, it is not good to give paracetamol by lowering the temperature,” he explained.

Watch the whole conversation in the video.

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