Dr Disrespect's opinions on Epic Games remain ruthless


The two-time champion, Guy 'Dr. Disrespect 'Beahm, who had previously shared his opinion on the development team at Epic Games, continued to push it on Twitter on April 13.

Dr. Disrespect has a follow-up of over 3 million on Twitch and nearly a million on Twitter.

He gained notoriety because of his expertise in shooter video games, mainly because he worked as a call-of-duty game developer before joining the personality of dr. Disrespect invested.

Why does Dr. Disrespect epic games not?

Dr. Disrespect has never dealt with game development studios making bad decisions, and Epic Games has apparently hit some of them.

Fortnite Season 7 was often plagued with X-4 Stormwings flooding the skies.

The Doc did not enjoy Fortnite Season 7 or 8 due to the previous additions Like the X-4 Stormwing or the current Meta, which revolves around baller vehicles.

What has Dr. Disrespectful?

Tons of Fortnite and Esport fans came on April 13 to see the official push for the Fortnite World Cup with the online Open qualifiers.

The double tweeted out that he was trying to enjoy a classic Fortnite gameplay by turning himself on to play FaZe Clan's Turner & # 39; Tfue & # 39; Seeing Tenney, however, was upset by the overwhelming use of shooters.

Guy & # 39; Dr. Disrespect 'Beahm was unimpressed by the Fortnite World Cup Online Open.

"I'm trying to see how Tfue is shot during that time [Fortnite] Qualifiers, but these overrated North Carolina developers think it's fun to see some blue balls. "

The frustrating meta of Fortnite

Epic Games made several changes to Fortnite prior to the start of the Fortnite World Cup Online Open Qualifiers.

The few days before April 13 were full of announcements, including vehicle updates, the Prohibited Solution, and confirmation that the Fortnite World Cup will be held in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 10.

Dr. Disrespect is not the first one to voice his opinion on Epic Games, and we do not expect it to be the last.


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