Draft law on asylum and immigration: associations protest and denounce a "retreat project"

Draft law on asylum and immigration: associations protest and denounce a "retreat project"

While debates on the asylum and immigration law begin Monday in the National Assembly, associations, politicians and citizens have demonstrated for the withdrawal of the law.
The world | 16.04.2018 at 21:39 • Updated 16.04.2018 at 22:19 | By Laura Hubert

A metallic gray bus with tinted windows on the Place du Châtelet Paris . Tourist bus? … not really. Activists from the Cimade, a migrant support organization of about 2,500 volunteers and 90 local groups, are playing a “punch” operation, held secret until then. The plan of attack was carefully prepared for to mark their opposition to the law asylum and immigration, considered too coercive and prone to expulsions, carried by the Minister of the Interior, Gerard Collomb. Only a handful of media , whose The world had been warned.
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“The excursion” starts at 10:15 am First stop at the National Assembly. Activists must to act quick. Descended from the bus, they proudly brand their placards. An arrow ” right turn ” , a limitation to “90 days in detention” , “Fall of rights” instead of “Falling stones” . About fifteen road traffic signs have been diverted to constitute “The code of shame” . Planted in front of the doors of the Chamber of Deputies, the militants, determined and dressed in black, chanted continuously: “No, no, no, at project Macron! No, no, no, to the Collomb law! Code of shame, anger rising! ”
“Withdrawal of the law”
The gendarmes are quickly busy with make go. Activists of the Cimade take off in front of the headquarters of the party La Republique en marche (LRM). The Cimade decided to reset this “Code of shame” to the elected representatives of the majority, in forty cities simultaneously, in response to the ” degradation ” the code of entry and residence of foreigners and the right of asylum (Ceseda). Geneviève Jacques, president of the organization, explains:
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“This symbolic action is part of the continuity of our demands. We want the withdrawal of the asylum and immigration law, which is in no way an answer to the real stakes of reception in our country . The whole project represents so many setbacks, despite some positive measures. We ask that it not be voted, and call for a real substantive debate. ”
Militants stand in the inner courtyard of the party headquarters. The slogans resonate strongly, which does not fail to annoy a company installed at this address, which balances buckets of water on the militants.
Loss of “humanist identity”
The day continues near the National Assembly, where fourteen organizations demonstrate, from 12:30 to 14 hours. An orchestra of Nuit debout, composed of wind instruments and drums, accompanies Abad Boumsong, slameur Cameroonian. Arrived la France at the age of 15, now in his forties, he is active in musical writing: “Over the years, France gives the image of a country that is closing in on itself, while in everyday life, we find a real solidarity between people. By the asylum and immigration law, France loses its humanist identity “, laments the musician.
Migrant support associations mingle with elected representatives of the environmental group ( EELV ) and insubordinate France (LFI). Eric Coquerel, MP (LFI) of the Seine- St Denis , is addressed to associations and citizens of the event:
“We are talking here about people crossing the Mediterranean, the Alpine passes in the middle of winter. And as long as we have not settled the causes of these migrations, which we, France, have provoked, we must assume the results ! ”
Lawyers in dress bring a cardboard casket on which is inscribed “Convention and Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees” . Agathe Stinat, a lawyer at the Hauts-de-Seine Bar, does not accept the one-month to fifteen-day reduction in the time limit for appealing to the National Asylum Court (CNDA). “The reduction of this delay penalizes immigrants even more. Most do not speak French, they need an interpreter. Under the false pretext of saving money, we are going to request to slaughter, by summary appeal. ”
“We resist despite everything”
They also refute the extension of video hearings for the liberty judge and the administrative court: ” You see an immigrant speak , being filmed, the time he was beaten, raped? We often do four or five sessions before learning the trauma they have experienced. ”
Ibrahim, a 28-year-old Sudanese, had to to leave his country. It’s been two years since he was in France, without housing , hosted by a friend. He prepared a poem for the assembly: “I keep the smile , Nevertheless. Despite what I went through, despite the cold, the rain, the gassing of cops. Nevertheless, I am proud to be here. […] We resist anyway …! I love you ! ” A volunteer for the Utopia 56 association in Paris for five months, he regularly attends the destruction of tents by CRS in the north of Paris.
Sarah Belaisch, a volunteer at Cimade, protests: “The text of law is essentially built on punishment. It is scandalous that a citizen is condemned and not congratulated for to have rescued a migrant who enters the territory illegally. ”
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