Draghi will not speak in the Chamber before the EU summit on the war: the Senate votes against the proposal of M5s, Fdi and Alternativa. Lega justifies itself: “Premier not available”

Mario Draghi will not go in Senate to report before Extraordinary European Council of 30 and 31 May on the war in Ukraine and the economy. Not only did the Prime Minister not foresee it, but Madama Palace rejected the intervention proposal made by M5s, Fdi e Alternative. The 5-star senator presented the request in the Chamber after she had been excluded from the group leader Mariolina Castellone. On May 19, the premier presented himself to the Chambers for an information on the war in Ukraine and the dispatch of weapons, after in recent weeks just Giuseppe Conte and the M5s had contested the lack of involvement of the Parliament.

One week later, the case reopens. The 5-star president has in fact repeatedly reiterated that the “Political mandate” of Draghi it must be established by the House and the Senate. But the decision to snatch and advance the request together with the opposition opens a new problem within the majority. First of all the Carroccio ran to justify himself for having decided to align with the premier’s requests: “Not having the availability of President Draghi we cannot vote against the calendar ”, declared the leader of the league Maximilian Romeo. The Northern League, however, did not enter into the merits of the question, also because at the same time Matteo Salviniwhile registering Door to doorreiterated his opposition to the sending of new weapons: “I hope there won’t be another voteAbout it, he said. And again: “Sending more weapons is a huge mistake that widens the conflict”. In the meantime, however, when asking the premier to come to the Chamber to explain, the Northern League did not support the opposition’s requests.

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Whoever took the choice of the M5s badly was the ally Pd who, on the other hand, fully defends Draghi’s choice: “The communications of the Prime Minister on Ukraine”, said senator dem Andrea Marcucci, “They cannot turn into a showdown by the majority every time. President Draghi will naturally come to Parliament as he always has. The forcing of the M5s is completely absurd and unjustified “. While the senator Dario Stefano on Twitter he recalled how the 5 stars spoke out against their own minister: “The group leader of the M5s together with the former 5s Dessì, now CAL-PC, asked the Senate to vote against the calendar just agreed in the group leader, on the proposal of the Minister D’Incà, also of the 5 stars. It almost looks like a labyrinth ”. Shortly before the senator dem Luigi Zanda he said: “A non-unanimous vote of the majority on the calendar is not a good omen for the near future of the majority. So I make an invitation to political prudence ”.

According to the former M5s Dessì, “the remainder of the hemicycle won by very little, a dozen votes at most, ”he said. “He renounces his presence in the Chamber knowing that, due to a series of concomitant events, next week we will work only on Monday, then Forza Italia will not be there because he will have to participate in the vote for the president of the European People’s Party and the week after he will not there will be the Chamber because it is the week before the administrative vote ”. Therefore, Senator Dessì concluded, “the government does not report to Parliament that it will meet after 20 days in full economic and war crisis with the pandemic still leaving its marks; and we send Draghi to say what he wants to Europe and we sit quietly at home to mind our own business ”.

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Relations between Draghi and Parliament (and the parties) are confirmed to be very complicated. Last Thursday, after the disclosure, the Prime Minister met the Council of Ministers in an emergency and curried the majority: he asked to speed up the approval of the ddl Competition, threatening that PNRR funds could jump. Not even 24 hours later you wrote directly to the president of the Senate Elisabetta Casellati to intervene for a rapid scheduling of the provision: a completely unusual act which has shown the extent to which Draghi snubs parties and his own Minister for Relations with Parliament Federico D’Incà. Meanwhile, the premier has obtained what he wanted: the provision has been scheduled for May 30 and he will not go to the Chamber before the EU summit.