Dragon Ball: Fabibi Cosplay will surprise Goku with an elegant Milk cosplay

– Jul 01, 2022 – 10:00:00 AM

Fabibi Cosplay has extensive experience designing outfits straight out of anime, and oddly enough seems to have a fondness for Dragon Ball that he brought to the surface with a cosplay de Milk.

The wife of Goku He has worn various outfits since his first appearance, but one of the ones we remember the most is the one he wore in his teens.

The cosplayer decided to take it back and bring it to real life with a few adjustments that make Milk look much more imposing and brave.

Fabibi cosplay with a Dragon Ball Milk cosplayFabibi cosplay with a Dragon Ball Milk cosplay
Impossible to forget this look. Image: via Instagram.

The cosplayer resumes the long blue dress Milkand adds a pair of red pants that make her look identical to the character.

As accessories, it includes a ribbon at the waist and a pair of wristbands of the same color that add a great touch.

Fabibi Cosplay even added the characteristic basho fan that Milk used as a young man, and he showed it off in a few photographs where he poses as a true martial artist.

Fabibi cosplay with a cosplay of Milk and her Bansho fanFabibi cosplay with a cosplay of Milk and her Bansho fan
We had already forgotten that he used weapons. Image: via Instagram.

As you may have noticed, the cosplayer always maintains a cheerful countenance, worthy of reminding us that At that time of his youth, Milk did not imagine how bad a father Goku would be..

Fabibi Cosplay did a great job with this Milk cosplay

We must admit that the preparation of this outfit is very good, especially because it respected every detail of the original character, including his characteristic weapon.

He even posed in an alternate version that removes the red pants and resembles a collectible figure.

Fabibi Cosplay imitating a figure of Milk from Dragon BallFabibi Cosplay imitating a figure of Milk from Dragon Ball
They are identical. Image: Fabibi Cosplay.

If you want to keep track of Fabibi Cosplayyou can do it from your Instagram accountwhere he constantly shows new outfits.

If you search carefully you will surely find your anime or video game waifu.

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