Dragon Ball Heroes will be the new animated series!

Dragon Ball Heroes will be the new animated series!

How can the Dragon Ball universe achieve without Toriyama? We have already seen the result with Dragon Ball GT which was really average. The idea is simple, use the same name and offer a totally new story that does not take into account that of the original work.
While Dragon Ball Heroes meets phenomenal success at Japan there will be something new. A new animated series is thus under development as announced in the V-Jump this month. Information relayed on Twitter as you can see below.

? It’s confirmed: The first leaks of the V-Jump of the month announce the animated series Dragon Ball Heroes! pic.twitter.com/MHO6whlgyC
– Dragon Ball | DB-Z.com (@DBZcom) May 17, 2018

In this Dragon Ball Heroes , we will follow the story of a young person Saiyan who will discover his powers. He will get to know the characters of the original saga and help them fight evil. Regarding the broadcast of the first episode, know that it will not be too soon. Indeed, it will be shown for the first time in Japan on July 1st. If you go to the mall AEON LakeTown it would be a shame to miss the event. It will also be broadcast during the tournament Dragon Ball Heroes from the region of Kanto .

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