Sunday, 22 Apr 2018

Dragon Quest XI: English dubbing completed – named reasons for missing Japanese soundtrack

April 15, 2018 at 5:42 pm: Western players can look forward to a setting of “Dragon Quest XI”. The Japanese, however, receive none. The reasons for this explained the producer Hokuto Okamoto now in an interview. While the Japanese fan base has to do without a setting of “Dragon Quest XI”, the western players are better cared for. Speaking to DualShockers (see source) as part of the PAX East, producer Hokuto Okamoto now revealed that the cutscenes, battle scenes and cutscenes were completely dubbed. The setting is now completed. “Dragon Quest XI” comes on top of that with Party Dialog sequences, which, however, were only partially synchronized.
Furthermore, Okamoto discussed why the Japanese market needs to get by without votes. So the team would have put a lot of emphasis on a high quality of the scenario of Yuji Horii and the script of the offshoot, which has consumed a lot of time. Ultimately, it would have been time for the setting.
In contrast, the version for our climes already had a high-quality script, so there were still resources available here. Any area in the large world of role-playing would also come with a “regional flavor”. A setting that also includes different accents, this could improve. One promises of it more depth in the play for each area.
Source: Dual stool

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