The Nintendo Direct of tonight saw the presence of two titles of the saga Dragon Quest, including the eleventh episode, which reveals little by little its additional content in the Archipelago. Well, good news, we can enjoy this year in our country.

On the program, in addition to the content of the PS4 and PC versions, we will have the choice between English and Japanese dubbing, but not only. Do you remember the 3DS version that did not travel outside of Japan? Well, it will be possible to switch the game to play it way old school in 2D ! Even better, the orchestral version of the soundtrack will be included, by actually doing a must have for the fans.

Dragon Quest XI S: The Fighters of Destiny – Ultimate Edition will arrive in the fall of 2019 on Nintendo Switch in Europe and North America.

TEST – Dragon Quest XI: Fighters of Destiny – An Unforgettable Odyssey

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