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Draguignan: the prison administration denies having financed the purchase of a PS4 for prisoners

The press release went around social networks. In a text published Sunday on its site, a union of supervisors of the Prison of Draguignan, in the Var, annoys the establishment of a activity "video games" in the establishment and the purchase a PS4 console for detainees. The SLP Force Ouvrière "is pleased to announce that Santa Claus will be spending time in our establishment," writes the union.

"Management has not been so concerned about the working conditions of its agents". "The management has made the decision to set up a new activity in the neighborhood of respect, an activity that will be called 'video games'," writes the union, before denouncing the cost of the device. "It costs between 300 and 400 euros, a single game costs 70 euros, and a single controller will cost 50 euros per unit," he said in the statement. And according to the SLP, which is also worried about the internet connection allowed by the console, "these devices will be funded by taxpayers' money."

The union also justifies its anger by an alleged inequality of treatment between the demands of the detainees and agents. "During the summer, the management was not so concerned about the working conditions of its agents, it was necessary to bang on the table to have a simple water fountain," writes the SLP.

The activity "was not funded by the prison administration". Contacted by Europe1, the prison administration provides a different version of that of the union. It confirms "that the socio-cultural association of prisoners has acquired a PS4 game console, as part of the establishment of a 'video games' activity on (…) the building on which is put in place the regime of trust, so a very precise part of prisoner who must respect a strict specifications ". It specifies however that this supervised activity "was not financed by the prison administration". And remember that consoles with access to the internet are prohibited in cell: "only a version of XBOX 360 (arcade version) is tolerated".

The prison administration also recalls the other activities set up by the association to create links between detainees and foster their empowerment, such as "chess activity" or "sports activities, cooking workshops and 'creative hobbies'. ", animated by the agents of this building.


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