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Drama at the season finale: KSV Hessen wins in Flieden – nevertheless it is not enough

What an incredible afternoon: The KSV Hessen fights back against Flieden with ten men, turns the game and wins. Gießen leads just before the end – but then Alzenau still balances out.

The KSV Hessen went in the final for second place in the Hessenliga equal by several alternate baths of feelings. Only 0: 1 back, then red against Ingmar Merle, then the game turned into outnumbered and led 2: 1, then the good news from casting with the 2-0 lead against Alzenau, and in the end, but standing empty handed: defiance a 3-1 (0-1) success in East Hesse, the lions had to watch idly, as Alzenau scored two goals in the closing stages and secured the 2-2 place two. While Bayern start this coming Thursday in Völklingen in the promotion round, the season is over for the KSV.

There was good and bad news for the lions right at the beginning of the game. The bad: Mahir Saglik could not participate due to a viral disease, he stayed with antibiotics in bed. For him, Marco Dawid slipped into the starting lineup. The good news: Ingmar Merle completed the final training and sat at least again on the bench. KSV coach Tobias Cramer was therefore back in the 4-1-4-1 system play and saw in the third minute equal to the first chance of his team, Marco forgot the Dawid from a distance. A little later, Flieden came dangerously close to the Löwen goal, but Luca Gaul narrowly missed the right post (8).

From then on, a game developed, which reflected a slight optical superiority of the guests, but Flieden came out of a massive cover again and again dangerously forward. And the hosts usually only needed a few passes. As in the 26th minute. A long ball from Buchonia goalkeeper Lukas Hohmann found striker Fabian Schaub, who did not long torch on the right side and scored to the 1: 0 directly into the heart of the KSV hopes. A little later it was again Schaub, who this time withdrew from halblinks and whose shot lion goalkeeper Niklas Hartmann could barely steer over the crossbar.

Only once cracked the Cramer team in the first round nor the East Hessian stronghold. Sebastian Schmeer failed before the goal, then Marco Dawid hit the post, and Jon Mogge scored the supposed 1-1 – but the assistant referee lifted the flag because offside (31), and so it remained behind at the break. In the parallel match between casting and Alzenau it was at this time 0: 0, the Bavarians therefore had second place safely.

If the lions were too imprecise in the first round and not compelling enough, they came out of the cab much more aggressively after the change. Tim-Philipp Brandner free-kick (51.) and Schmeer by force (53.) had the equalizer on the foot. However, the Fliedener now also relegated to counter play, and because of the KSV had to watch again and again hellish. In the 58th minute Cramer then joined Merle for Allmeroth, who not only strengthened the central defense, but should also provide for free kicks for even more offensive power. But Merle became a tragic figure. In the 63rd minute he tore Schaub before the penalty area in a one-on-one duel, and referee Christian Ballweg showed him the red card because of an emergency brake. A very bitter moment for the Löwen player, who came in first five minutes earlier and was back for the first time.

But hope returned for the KSV. In the 70th minute. After Fliedens goalkeeper Hohmann dropped the ball after a harmless flank surprise, Brandner was on the spot and easily scored the equalizer. And the lions now put on a powerplay – outnumbered. Egli Milloshaj missed the short post (73rd). Schmeer by Seitfallzieher (74.). In return, Schaub hit the bar, but the action would have had to be canceled because he had hindered Hartmann before. It's an enthralling, thrilling game now. And the fans from Kassel rest completely in the 79th minute. Substitute assistant coach Tobias Damm serves Sebastian Schmeer, who turns once and drags the ball into the net 2-1. Shortly thereafter, the lion Annex rested again, it is 1: 0 in casting. At this time, the KSV would have won second place. Then Gießen even increases to 2: 0. Is this thing through? Unfortunately not. Within three minutes Alzenau compensates in stoppage time and qualifies as runner-up for the promotion round to the Regionalliga. With the lion followers remains the disappointment that discharges shortly after the game in an altercation with some Fliedenern. But quickly it is quiet again on the sports field on the pond, which has brought the KSV at the end of the day no luck.

This is what KSV played: SV Buchonia Flieden – KSV Hessen Kassel 1: 3 (final score)

1st half

2nd half







Gates: 1: 0 Schaub (25th minute), 1: 1 Brandner (70th), 1: 2 Schmeer (79th), 1: 3 Mogge (94th)

spectator: 1500

Red card: Ingmar Merle

The ticker to read

+++ Thanks for reading and listening.

+++ We have to process this afternoon first – you certainly too.

+++ Here it is fortunately peaceful again. These were short terrifying scenes right in front of our workplace. Thankfully, the fans have calmed down quickly.

+++ What a drama !!! The KSV fights back with 10 men, turns the game here in Flieden and wins 3: 1. Gießen leads just before the end actually safe 2: 0 – but then equalized Alzenau in added time yet.

+++ Kassel fans and players sit with drooping heads on the field, are stunned.

+++ What's that bitter!

+++ Thus, the KSV remains in third place and gets no chance to ascend.

+++ All fear was in vain: End in pouring. It remains at 2: 2.

+++ Another free kick for casting.

+++ Everyone is waiting here, players, fans, cell phones in their hands.

+++ casting still had a free kick – that was clarified.

+++ Here are all stunned. Waiting for information from casting.

+++ In pouring is still played.

+++ The KSV fans withdraw.

+++ Now the police are there, makes announcements.

+++ The home fans had certainly not expected such a storm here.

+++ A Flieden player is attacked.

+++ It takes its revenge that the fans are not separated. Fliedener provoke and already a horde of KSV fans arrives. It comes to scuffles, pests, even punches.

+++ There are riots here.

++++ That does not exist !!! Alzenau equalizes in the 93rd minute! Salvatore Bari meets.

+++ goal for Alzenau !!!!

+++ In Gießen there is also 5 minutes extra time!

+++ 3: 1 KSV Hessen wins – and now has to hope for casting.


+++ The lion pulls the jersey out of sheer joy and sees it yellow. No matter.

+++ Mogge with a great solo, runs over half the field and makes the 3: 1.

+++ In the 94th minute increase the lion to 3: 1.


+++ In casting Alzenau makes the connecting goal, so it is 2: 1. Ginaluca Allesandro meets in the 90th minute. What is that exciting!

+++ Brandner is now back.

90th +1 Minute: Brandner tries to get close to the outside line – right in front of the KSV fans – against two men, but is fouled and must be treated.

+++ There is 5 minutes of extra time !!! Uff.

+++ Bravo Sanchez can continue playing.

+++ casting now leads 2: 0 !!! Noah Michel did it in the 86th minute. Bitter for Alzenau who were superior.

88th Minute: Bravo Sanchez remains after a foul near the midline lying on the ground. Schaub comes running and tries to pull the lion up. But sees the Fliedener the yellow card.

Minute: The lions try it now and continue on the left, but can not prevail.

+++ As of now, the lions are allowed to play for the ascent. So: All man fingers crossed!

85th Minute: Schmeer comes from the left, plays the ball to the center, where Mogge has plenty of room and shoot. But he goes far, far beyond the gate of Lukas Hohmann.

83 minutes: Free kick for the hosts from about 25 meters. Schaub explains. The whole thing prepares Hartmann but no effort.

+++ Because not to forget: Kassel plays here with 10 men.

+++ What an afternoon!

+++ Here there is no stopping at the Kasseler followers.

+++ Is there that? Almost at the same time.

+++ GIESSEN LEADS !!!!!! Cem Kara scored the 1: 0 with a long-range shot. From nothing.

+++ So it is 2: 1 for the lion.

+++ Damm had served Schmeer – and deducted from the penalty area.

+++ The whole thing but only briefly.

+++ KSV fans storm the place – cheer.

+++ In the 79th minute the lions take the lead.


48th Minute: The Kassel have been waking up since the goal of Brandner. Now do a lot more forward, fight.

77: Minute: Both teams change: The lions comes Tobi Dam – Schwechel goes. At Flieden hack comes for Drews.

+++ What a game now!

74th Minute: It continues spectacular. Because Flieden counters. And then it makes Schaub worth seeing just like Schmeer – with a Seitfallzieher. He goes to the crossbar !!

74th. Minute: A beautiful throw from now Schmeer – and a huge parade of Hohmann, who intercepts the ball on the line.

73 minutes: The lions are now more pressure – even with 10 men. Milloshaj leaves – Hohmann stops.

+++ So here everything is open again. Even if then the Schützenhilfe from casting is missing, where it is still 0: 0.

+++ The How was strange: Hohmann has the ball actually, but lets him fall. That uses Brandner and makes the 1: 1.

+++ In the 70th minute the lions are equal.


69th Minute: And not only that. Also forward, the hosts are dangerous. Just as Schaub, who comes over on the right, plays the ball in the middle on the Drews. Hartmann comes out far and then is the first turn. Phew!

Minute: The lions try again and again, but stopped just as often. Flieden works great in defense.

+++ The support of the Kassel fans here is still great. Despite backlog and red card.

66th Minute: Second change in the lion: Dawid goes, Molloshaj comes.

+++ In pouring continues Alzenau more, just had a good opportunity.

63rd Minute: Drewes executes the free kick. The ball comes flat and prepares Hartmann no effort.

+++ This is so bitter – and should be a real shock to the lions.

+++ The lion brings Schaub as the last man just before the penalty area of ​​the Kassel case and must therefore after only 4 minutes back from the square.


60th Minute: free kick for the lion from the left outer line. Merle leads directly out. He goes over it.

+++ In Gießen it continues 0: 0.

+++ Was not bad, this standard.

58 minutes: corner for the lions. In the middle, Dawid is allowed to shoot. Hohmann stops.

58th Minute: The lions change for the first time: After four weeks Merle may ran again. Allmeroth goes for him.

57 minutes: Good counterattack of the hosts. Schaub on the left, brings the ball into the center, where Götze but not get. This could have ended dangerously otherwise, because the Fliedener had plenty of space there.

56th Minute: There is the first change with the hosts: For Gaul, who seems to have injured, Kress comes.

55 minutes: On the other side Mogge may deduct. But his shot is blocked.

55 minutes: Flieden again. Schaub prevails against houses. Since the Kassel have luck that Schaub presents the ball too far, so Hartmann can secure the ball.

54th Minute: Schaub appears at the penalty area of ​​the lion. Since he is offside, the whole thing is safe.

+++ So scenes we want to see more often from the Kasselern!

53rd Minute: Again the lions: Mogge brings the ball in the middle. Schmeer is just right, pulls off the turn – over it!

52nd Minute: The free kick leads out Brandner – and how! The lion makes it directly, so Fliedens goalkeeper Hohmann has some trouble to secure the ball on the right post.

51 minutes: Because Mogge is fouled after that, there is free-kick for the lions.

Minute: Mogge moves from about 20 meters, but the shot is blocked.

49 minutes: corner for the KSV. The cross from Najjar comes very flat. A Fliedener hits the ball. So there is another corner. When Schwechel comes flying to the header, is then pushed into the goal and bounces against the post. This will not be punished.

46 minutes: Götze is serving Drews, but he is offside – and then collides with KSV keeper Hartmann. But nothing happened.

+++ There was no change to the break.

Go on. The second half is over. Give everything, lions!

+++ One of those who warm themselves with the lions is Ingmar Merle.

+++ We are back on the radio.

+++ We also take a short break on the radio and will be back soon.

+++ In casting it is at break 0: 0. Alzenau had the better chances so far, casting was particularly noticeable with many inaccuracies.

+++ 0: 1 are the lion after 45 minutes behind – and not undeserved. The Kasseler were just too harmless to the front, while the hosts have made this clever.

And then break is here in Flieden.

45. + 1 minute: Schaub with a shot from the left. He goes straight to Hartmann, who saves the ball.

45th Minute: Next option for Flieden. The ball comes in from the left. In the middle Goetze rises and brings the ball with his knees on goal. The lowers dangerously, but ultimately comes too high.

44th Minute: free kick for the hosts. Hartmann has no trouble catching the ball.

43 minutes: Götze is suddenly free in the penalty area of ​​the lion – but also offside, so that is not dangerous.

42nd Minute: Now times the KSV. Allmeroth with a nice cross from the right, in the middle Brandner but not ran.

+++ With the lions, there is just too little going on ahead.

40th Minute: Schaub sets from 20 meters to a fallback – the whole thing is safe. But at least the spectators are offered something here.

39 minutes: There is the first yellow card of the match – for Fliedens Rumpeltes. The holds Schmeer at the level of the center line on the jersey, so that the lion can not start towards goal.

36 minutes: corner for the lions. Bartel heads the ball out of danger. The lands on the left side at Allmeroth, who shoots – but over.

+++ In casting Alzenau has the game now under control. Just now there was another chance for the guests. That was, however, clarified.

+++ First breathe.

+++ Schmeer had only shot, which was blocked. Then Dawid was allowed from close range – and hit the post. After that, the ball jumped to the right and landed at Mogge, who pulled off – and hit. Unfortunately, offside.

31 minutes: Giant cheering for the KSV supporters, because the ball is in goal. BUT: offside! What a pity.

+++ In Giessen Alzenau had a really good opportunity. Lohne stops.

28 minutes: Next huge chance for the hosts: Schaub pulls from the left, Hartmann can direct the ball with the fingertips just over the gate. Uff !!

27 minutes: corner for the lions. The ball comes in high, Schwechel rises. Referee Christian Ballweg whistles, however, because of a foul.

+++ Flieden does not lead undeservedly. The East Hesse make this clever, are compact. At the same time they try it with long balls – and then there is always Schaub waiting.

+++ And so it happened: Goalkeeper Hohmann with a long tee. Schaub takes the ball at the edge of the box volley – and skin him past Hartmann in the mesh.

+++ In the 25th minute the hosts take the lead.


25th. Minute: Schmeer gets the ball from Najjar, is fixed in the penalty area, however, immediately by four Fliedenern.

23 minutes: Brill brings the ball into the penalty area of ​​the guests. Keeper Hohmann has the ball before Dawid gets there.

21 minutes: The hosts provide for the next dangerous moment: Götze lurking in the penalty area of ​​the lion, but then can not prevail, because Brandner clarifies the situation.

+++ After 20 minutes there is also 0-0 in Gießen – despite a good opportunity for the hosts.

19th. Minute: Allmeroth beats the ball far forward, but Brandner can not get there. It's just too harmless what the lions are doing here.

17th Minute: Free kick for Flieden. Kullmann hits the ball in the penalty area of ​​the lions, Allmeroth rises and beheads him again out of danger.

16th Minute: Schwechel tries to prevail over the right. Vain.

+++ The hosts put pressure on the KSV here quite well, they are also good in the back. In the meantime KSV has to be more purposeful, there is not enough progress forward.

13 minutes: Schaub gets the ball on the edge of the box, but can not prevail there.

11 minutes: Long ball of the Fliedener. Before Schaub can get there on the left side, Najjar is there.

+++ In Gießen today there are about 1000 spectators – only a few from Alzenau. So far, there were no significant opportunities.

9 minutes: free kick for the lions: Bravo Sanchez leads out, brings the ball in front of the goal of the hosts – but there is clarified to the corner, which can not use the KSV.

8 minutes: Giant opportunity for the hosts: Götze sets left, brings the ball into the penalty area of ​​Kassel. There lurks Gaul, but warps from a short distance. Phew!

+++ Short note: We also inform you here about gates from casting.

7th Minute: throw in Flieden. Zeller lurks in the Kassel penalty area, but then can not prevail against Allmeroth.

+++ Brill is treated, then can continue.

5 minutes: Götze replaces Brill. The lion remains lying on the grass, holding his knee.

+++ Of the mood, this is a home game for the guests today: There are only Kassel fan songs to hear.

3 minutes: First chance for the KSV. Dawid holds on from 25 meters. He's just a bit over it.

2 minutes: free kick for the hosts. Götze executes – he comes way too flat.

1 minute: Schwechel extended after a throw-in from Bravo Sanchez. But then Fliedens keeper Lukas Hohmann is on the ball.

Here we go. The game is running. Now it's time to fight and win, lions!

+++ The teams come to the field

+++ The fans are all confused today, there is no barrier or fan separation. The Kassel fans have formed a block and are singing warm there.

+++ It is now well full on the sports field at the pond. Clearly more to see: the red Tshirts and jerseys of the KSV trailer.

+++ 14.50 clock – on the radio Max and Michaela are started for you. Have fun!

+++ Still a good sign? On the scoreboard it is suddenly no longer 0: 0 – but 0: 2.

+++ A good sign? The SV Röchling Völklingen has already reported on his website the KSV as an opponent in the relegation. "On 30 May the SVR now expects KSV Hesse for the first relegation duel", it says there.

The KSV warming up …

© Marie Klement

… and a look at Flieden.

© Marie Klement

+++ Flieden is also about everything today: The East Hesse must win against the KSV, if they still want to preserve a chance at relegation. But they are also dependent on help: Friedberg would lose today against the KSV Baunatal.

+++ If the KSV Hessen still reach the promotion round to the Regionalliga, he must win against the Buchonia. At the same time need the Kasseler Schützenhilfe of master casting, who must win today against Alzenau. In case of equality KSV would then have the direct comparison decided for themselves. Bayern, meanwhile, would draw for second place and participate in the promotion round starting next Thursday.

+++ The KSV plays today in the 4-1-4-1 system: Hartmann – Najjar, Allmeroth, houses, Brandner – Brill – Bravo Sanchez, Schwechel, Mogge, Dawid – Schmeer

+++ The lions lack the sick Mahir Saglik today. Ingmar Merle is sitting on the bench again.

+++ Today's lineups:

+++ According to Flieden at least 1500 spectators are expected here on the sports field at the pond. From Kassel should come about 500.

+++ Today is the big season finale in the Hessenliga. In the middle is the KSV Hessen Kassel, who still wants to jump into second place in Flieden and wants to make the participation in the promotion round perfect. Here you will find the live ticker in the afternoon.

+++ Note about the live radio: If you just want to listen to the radio, you can do this in this article. If you want to track the ticker and listen to the radio at the same time, we recommend that you use the free Mixlr radio app (Android | iOS), as the radio also reloads every time the ticker is updated. To do this, download the Mixlr app, after radiohna search and go. The radio will continue to run in the background after you start the ticker article in your browser or in the HNA app.

Livestream URL for Internet radio:

This is the squad of KSV Hessen Kassel for the season 2018/2019

No. 39, Niklas Hartmann – Goalkeeper © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 1, Niklas Neumann – Goalkeeper © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 23, Luis Allmeroth – center-back © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 20, Tim-Philipp Brandner – left fullback / left midfielder © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 30, Jan-Phillip Houses – Center Back © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 32, Nael Najjar – right back / right midfield © Andreas Fischer / HNA
# 31, Michael Voss – left back © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 17, Yannik Ziegler – left back © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 18, Maik Baumgarten – midfield © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 6, Adrian Bravo-Sanchez – attacking midfielder © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 8, Frederic Brill – defensive midfielder © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 25, Marco Dawid – right attacking midfielder © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 15, Sergej Evljuskin – Midfielder / Center Back © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 21, Ingmar Merle – defense / midfielder © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 19, Ioannis Mitrou – attacking midfielder © Andreas Fischer / HNA
# 14, Brian Schwechel – Central Midfielder © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 29 – Laurin Unzicker – central midfielder © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 9, Jon Mogge – striker © Andreas Fischer / HNA
No. 7, Sebastian Schmeer – striker © Andreas Fischer / HNA
Tobias Cramer, coach © Andreas Fischer / HNA
Tobias Damm, assistant coach © Andreas Fischer / HNA
Michael Gibhardt – goalkeeping coach © Andreas Fischer / HNA
Michael Krannich (Head of Marketing and Sponsoring) © Andreas Fischer / HNA
Uwe Heller © Andreas Fischer / HNA
New arrivals v.l. Tobias Cramer, Yannik Ziegler, Luis Allmeroth, Jon Mogge, Jan-Phillip Häuser, Ionnis Mitrou, assistant coach Tobias Damm © Andreas Fischer / HNA
The new squad of the KSV Hessen Kassel. © Andreas Fischer / HNA


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