Drama for the festival king Bartoška: The more you think about it, the worse it gets

In these difficult times, he was mainly supported by his wife Andrea and daughter Kateřina, but also by his old friend Eliška Balzerová (72). “When I was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes, I thought that I was at the age when I was dying. People just die at sixty-eight. These are the only certainties that we are all born and must die one day.” Bartoška confided for

KV IFF President Jiří Bartoška at the Czech Lion: We held a film festival

But in the end, he gathered all his strength and the negative thoughts went aside. “He probably makes too much of a scarecrow out of cancer. It is a serious disease, but not a mystery. And the more you think about her, the worse. On the other hand, if you try to ignore her, she may get offended and walk away.” said the actor, who finally beat cancer and is now enjoying life.

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