This first game makes you want more. After a good seven hours playing time, Norwegian chess world champion Magnus Carlsen accepted the draw of his challenger Fabiano Caruana at the start of the World Cup in London. At this time, both played next to their kings only with one tower and three (Carlsen) or two farmers (Caruana).

The challenger from the USA played with white and opened with the e-pawn's double step. Carlsen reacted and surprised his opponent with the Sicilian defense. Caruana was nervous and consumed significantly more time right at the beginning.

As Carlsen to the queenside and smelt and attacked the opposing king, he looked like the sure winner. But the world champion missed to make the decision between the 30th and 40th train. Instead, Caruana was able to free and save after ladies exchange in the rook ending with only one minuscule.

Carlsen tried in his typical manner to mislead the challenger to mistakes and took even seven hours on the board in purchase. But Caruana was not lured and secured the draw after the 115th move. This left the game just short of the world record. The 5th game of the 1978 World Cup between Anatoly Karpov and Victor Korchnoi had ended after 124 moves.

Tomorrow, Carlsen and Caruana are sitting opposite each other for the second game (16:00, live ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE). Then the world champion opens. Here you can read the first game step by step.

Detailed information, as SPIEGEL ONLINE reports on the Chess World Cup in London, can be found here.


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