OAKLAND, California – Golden State Warriors striker Draymond Green dropped 117-101 against Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night after injuring his right foot in the first half.

"They did x-rays, the x-rays were negative," said Warriors coach Steve Kerr after the game. "But it did not make sense for him to play and play in the second half, he tested it and we decided to turn it off and we'll see what happens – hopefully we'll have some days left before our next game. But we'll see what happens. "

Green injured his foot in the first quarter and had it checked during the match, but after returning to the competition in the second quarter, he did not return after the break.

"I hope he's fine," said Warriors striker Kevin Durant. "I think he's fine, he came back after he did, and then sat in the second half, but hopefully he's fine, I did not have a chance to talk to him."

In 14 minutes, Green finished with four rebounds and two assists.



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