Draymond Green responds if Lakers with Irving and LeBron would beat Curry’s Golden State Warriors


Faced with the rumor that Kyrie Irving could reach LeBron James’s Los Angeles Lakers, Draymond Green responded if this team would beat Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors.

LeBron James vs. Draymond Green
© Kevork Djansezian/Getty ImagesLeBron James vs. Draymond Green

The Western Conference has an old acquaintance who promises to be once again a strong contender to repeat the 2022 NBA title. The dynasty of Golden State Warriors reached four championships and against a hypothetical team of Los Angeles Lakers con Kyrie Irving y LeBron James, Draymond Green has something to say.

When very few believed that the Warriors would reach the 2022 NBA Finals, players like Jordan Poole y Andrew Wiggins They stepped up and showed that, after being champions, Golden State has a competitive team in the short and medium term.

While Golden State Warriors awaits the return of James Wiseman and seeks to promote good level rookies such as Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody, Los Angeles Lakers They seek to rebuild a team that can be a contender for the 2023 NBA title after LeBron James and company will not qualify for the 2022 Playoffs.

Amid rumors of a possible departure of Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets, the Lakers have emerged as one of the teams with the most serious intentions of going for the point guard. Would the Warriors lose to a Los Angeles team with LeBron and Irving? Draymond Green has the answer.

Green responds if Lakers with Irving and LeBron would beat Curry’s Warriors

“With LeBron James, if you give them someone like Kyrie they will have a chance because of the way Kyrie can score. LeBron will just put him in a position to do that. Kyrie has not proven to be a great leader. LeBron will put an umbrella over that. If you can do what you’re good at, you’ve got LeBron leading. They could compete, but they won’t beat us”, Told him Draymond Green a Lucas Shaw, del portal Bloomberg.