DRC: ARCA sensitizes FEC-affiliated and non-affiliated importers to the control of compulsory insurance of import faculties

The Insurance Regulation and Control Authority (ARCA) organized, on Thursday March 30, 2023, at the headquarters of the Federation of Congolese Companies (FEC) in Kinshasa, a morning of exchanges and information to raise awareness among operators. economic members of this employers’ organization to respect the provisions relating to the control of the insurance of the import faculties.

This activity which falls within the framework of the popularization and information campaign on the control of the insurance of the faculties at the import was organized in the presence of many delegates of the member companies of this employers’ association.

Indeed, the ARCA aims to provide all the necessary explanations to economic operators in the face of certain concerns encountered during the launch of the said control.

On this occasion, the Deputy Director General of ARCA, Mrs. Fanny Mbilo, urged the members of the FEC to respect the provisions of the Insurance Code.

“Under Articles 125, 231, 236, and 237 of the Insurance Code promulgated on March 17, 2015, the ARCA and the DGDA pursue joint missions aimed at popularizing the provisions of this Code among DGDA agents and all of the customs ecosystem. “, she explained.

Since March 1, 2023, the General Directorate of Customs and Excise (DGDA) carries out the control of the insurance of import faculties on behalf of the ARCA.

As required by the legal framework in this area, the DGDA is the only entity identified by the Insurance Code empowered to operate the control of import cargo insurance and border insurance. This is what justified the signing of the memorandum of understanding between ARCA and the DGDA dated December 22, 2022.

It should be noted that some difficulties have been identified at the level of the ARCA since the launch of the said control by the DGDA. Which difficulties are essentially linked to non-compliance with the procedures for filling in the insurance certificate in ASYCUDA. Hence, Mrs. Fanny Mbilo urged the FEC to support the efforts of the ARCA and the DGDA by sensitizing all of its members around the issue of compulsory insurance.

Questioned at the end of the morning, the Director of Regulation and Control, Robert Matungala, indicated that it was important to remind economic operators of the provisions of the Insurance Code in order to remove all gray areas.

“We felt it was important to come to the FEC to educate the various professional committees so that they educate their customers to subscribe to the import cargo insurance policy with an approved insurance company. “, he said.

The operationalization of the control of import cargo insurance and motor third party liability insurance for vehicles in international traffic should enable the ARCA to improve the turnover in terms of insurance premiums.