DRC-CENI: Denis Kadima present at the Eucharistic celebration in memory of Father Appolinaire Malu Malu

The President of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), Denis Kadima Kazadi, participated in the mass of thanksgiving in memory of the first President of the Central Electoral Board, Father Appolinaire Malu Malu, who died in Dallas (United States ), six years ago, on the same date coinciding with the celebration of the accession of the Democratic Republic of Congo to international sovereignty. It was at the Notre Dame de Fatima parish in the commune of Gombe.

This worship saw the participation of several other members of this institution, in particular the Deputy Rapporteur, Paul Muhindo; the members of the plenary: MM. Fabien Boko, Jean Ilingo, Gérard Bisambu and Madame Joséphine Ngalula.

Alongside them, also took place Corneille Naanga, the predecessor of Denis Kadima Kazadi, as well as relatives of the family of the deceased.

“We are not replacing Father Malu Malu, but we are succeeding him”, declared President Denis Kadima, invited to give a testimony, in this circumstance of remembrance.

The fourth President of the CENI recalled the intrinsic qualities of the deceased which allowed a permanent collaboration between the CENI and EISA (the organization directed for 20 years by President Kadima and based in South Africa).

The President of the CENI also highlighted the great ability to listen shown by Father Malu Malu during his tenure at the head of this institution.

“Because whoever listens a lot learns and at the same time teaches just as much”, said in essence the President of the CENI, Denis Kadima.