DRC: cleaning up the judiciary


In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), more than 200 magistrates, accused of corruption or incompetence, were dismissed by President Joseph Kabila, according to a series of ordinances made public this Monday, April 16th. Alexis Thambe Mwamba, Minister of Justice, intends to reform the judiciary.
With the Superior Council of the Judiciary, the Ministry of Justice had set up a commission to study the conditions of recruitment of the magistrates of the country. For an unprecedented result. Indeed, more than 200 of them are dismissed or dismissed, which still represents more than 6% of the body of magistrates
Joined by RFI, Alexis Thambe Mwamba, Minister of Justice explains the reasons for their dismissal. ” Some entered without having the necessary qualifications . Others, while having a law degree, had not been admitted to the competition. We realize that all the traps we are experiencing in the judiciary come from people who were either poorly trained or broke into the judiciary. Said the minister.
In the judicial system, many people are delighted with the rigor that seems to have characterized this work of control. Among these dismissed magistrates are relatives of political figures of the majority and parents of some officials of the institutions. This wave of revocation is only a first step. These will continue.
Alexis Thambe Mwamba also intends to reform the national competition for access to the judiciary. ” I am preparing a bill that will profoundly amend the law on the status of magistrate, with much stricter recruitment conditions. My goal is that by the age of eight to ten years, we have a new corps of magistrates from whom the widow and the orphan can present themselves with confidence. “Said the Minister of Justice.
Often pointed at, Congolese justice has long been accused of corruption, both by many litigants but also by national and international NGOs. In the opinion one wonders about the message that was good to make pass the president of the Republic in this period of end of mandate. Some people wonder if this is a seduction operation or a real desire to re-professionalize justice.


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