DRC: three ECIDÉ executives arrested for having “written to the authority the information of the organization of a peaceful march”, denounces the party

Three executives of the ECIDÉ have been arrested in the province of Haut-Uélé since Monday, June 19, 2022, “for having simply written to the authority the information of the organization of a peaceful march to demand the resignation of the governor of Province “.

“These are Me Timothée KAMANGA, Executive Secretary ECiDe Haut-Uélé detained at the PNC staff, John APAISO detained at PNC Office 2 at ISIRO and David LEBENSO detained at the urban police station of the city of ‘ISIRO,’ writes Devos Kitoko, the party’s general secretary.

Martin Fayulu’s political formation demands the “immediate and unconditional” release of these people.

And to add:

“ECiDé takes the national and international community to witness about the dictatorial excesses of the illegitimate regime in place and its relentlessness towards our militants. Far from discouraging us, the enemies of democracy must know that for our freedoms and fundamental rights, we will fight at the cost of blood until the final victory”.

Martin Fayulu still claims victory in the 2018 election. He has hinted through several meetings that he will be a presidential candidate in 2023. His party is committed on several fronts, in particular demanding consensual electoral reforms.

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