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Dreadful Find in Detroit: Police discover eleven immured baby corpses

The most important news in the short overview:

  • Nine mountaineers die in
    in the Himalayas (1:17 pm)

  • Cause of
    -Brand was technical defect (10.19 clock)

  • carmaker
    could count on millions of repayments from diesel funds (7.10 clock)

  • BER
    Airport should be even more expensive (5.50 clock)

  • Number of hurricane dead in the
    rose to at least 16 (5:15 pm)

The news of the day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 13.51 clock: Media Markt and Saturn throw out their bosses +++

The electronics retailer Ceconomy separates from CEO Pieter Haas and CFO Mark Frese. The Supervisory Board and Haas had decided in an extraordinary meeting to separate with immediate effect, said the Ceconomy AG in the night of Saturday. Until the appointment of a successor, Frese, together with board member Dieter Haag Molkenteller, will take on Haas's previous responsibilities. Frese, too, had agreed with the Supervisory Board on a mutually agreed termination of his employment contract, but will continue to perform his duties as a member of the Executive Board until the appointment of a successor.

Ceconomy had admitted only on Tuesday that the profit due to sluggish business at the electronics chains Media Markt and Saturn in the past financial year 2017/18 had declined even more than initially assumed. At the stock market one spoke of a "disaster". The stock collapsed at times by more than 20 percent.

+++ 13.44 Clock: At least twelve dead in attack on election event in Afghanistan +++

In an attack on the election campaign of a politician in Afghanistan numerous people were killed on Saturday. A spokesman for the province of Tachar in the north of the country put the number of dead at least twelve. More than 30 people were injured. According to the information, a motorcycle loaded with explosives exploded in the midst of supporters of parliamentary candidate Nasifa Jusefibek. The politician remained unhurt.

In Afghanistan, where a new parliament is elected on 20 October, election campaigns have often been the target of attacks in recent weeks. At least nine candidates have been killed, according to the electoral commission.

The radical Islamic Taliban had asked the candidates a few days ago to withdraw from the election campaign. They described the planned election as a "malicious American conspiracy" and announced attacks on polling stations and participants

+++ 13:17: Nine climbers die in a snowstorm in the Himalayas +++

All nine members of a mountain expedition in Nepal have died in a blizzard. According to police on Saturday, their camp on Mount Gurja in the west of the country was completely devastated. The dead were five climbers from South Korea and their Nepalese leaders who wanted to conquer the rarely climbed mountain on a new route.

Due to the changeable weather and the cold, the bodies could not be recovered at first. According to the South Korean Foreign Ministry, the mountaineers were surprised on Friday by the violent storm gusts in the base camp of Mount Gurja. "They were blown over a cliff and died". After 24 hours without contact with the team, the organizers of the tour sounded the alarm.

+++ 13:14: Sigmar Gabriel predicts difficult phase for Europe +++

After the European elections in the coming year, the EU is facing "a very difficult period" in the opinion of former SPD leader and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel. Given the popularity for populist parties Conservatives and Social Democrats would probably come together in the European Parliament together for the first time no absolute majority more, said the member of parliament at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

However, after the Second World War, Europe had been founded "in a much more dramatic situation", the long-time former SPD chairman said. He assumes that after the election, governments must hold the EU together. Parliament will play a weaker role.

Gabriel presented his new book "Zeitwende in der Weltpolitik" at the fair, in which he called for a stronger financial commitment by Germany for the social cohesion of Europe. For 40 years, the Germans in Germany have been told that they are "the jackass" of Europe, said Gabriel. In truth, Germany is the "net winner" as "export world champion". 60 percent of exports went to the EU. At the same time Gabriel demanded a stronger role for Europe on the global stage. You can no longer be "vegetarians under predators".

Video: Kohnen to the election campaign in Bavaria: CSU is the heart of instability

+++ 13.00 clock: After criticism of Jewish Association: Weidel wants to throw Gedeon from AfD +++

After his criticism of the Association of Jews in the AFD parliamentary group head Alice Weidel wants to get rid of the Stuttgart Member of Parliament Wolfgang Gedeon. The leader of the parliamentary group told the dpa: "After Gedeon's recent failure against the Association of Jews in the AfD, it is time that he finally flies from the party."

Gedeon had called the founding of the association as a "problematic affair". On his Facebook page, he wrote: "In the best case, this foundation is superfluous as a goiter, in the worst case, it is a Zionist lobby organization, which runs counter to the interests of Germany and the Germans."

+++ 12.48 clock: 85-year-old trapped under taxi – passers-car pick up +++

Passers-by raised a taxi in Duisburg to liberate a slightly injured elderly woman. One leg of the 85-year-old had clamped under the right rear wheel on Friday evening, police said. The elderly woman had first boarded a taxi when her 23-year-old driver was already leaving. The woman rushed out

the taxi on the street. Her leg was overrun by the right rear wheel of the car. Several passersby hurried to help her, as her lower leg was still trapped under the wheel. Together, they lifted the cab and released the woman.

+++ 11.55 clock: RWE prepares for clearing stop on job cuts +++

After the clearing stop in the Hambach Forest threatens the energy company RWE job losses. The decline in lignite production will not remain without impact on employment, said RWE CEO Rolf Martin Schmitz the "Rheinische Post". "The Hambach open-cast mine has 4600 jobs, of which 1300 alone in surface mining and 1500 in the processing of lignite," explained the CEO. It is still unclear how many jobs would actually have to be canceled in the end.

As soon as there is an overview, RWE will talk to unions and works councils. On the subject of dismissals, he said, nothing is currently excluded. But so far, RWE has always been able to avoid layoffs and find socially responsible solutions.

Short-time work is not an instrument in a power plant. "This has to be always in operation when the network is on, and to be driven in shifts," Schmitz told the newspaper.

The North Rhine-Westphalian Higher Administrative Court in Münster had on October 5, the clearing of the Hambach Forest prohibited until a final verdict.

Video: Squatters continue in Hambacher Forst

+++ 10:55 clock: Eleven baby corpses immured in ceiling +++

In a former funeral home in the US city of Detroit, the bodies of eleven babies have been found. An anonymous tip led the police to the site, reported the daily "The Detroit News". The remains of the babies were therefore in the space of a ceiling of the building. The Institute had to close in April due to inadequate conditions, the newspaper quoted the police.

The anonymous reference to the site was received on Friday by email to the police, said Inspector Brian Bowser, according to the newspaper at a press conference. The officials followed the exact descriptions in the letter.

The site was like a "false ceiling" between the first and second floor of the building. There they found a box containing nine of the corpses and a basket of two other bodies. The babies were stillbirths. "They were in a way hidden," Bowser continued. He spoke of a "indifference of the operator, the owner, the employees".

The responsible supervisory authority had the institute closed, because among other things corpses were not treated properly. According to the newspaper, the house is currently empty and will be restored. A former manager was shocked by the news, according to the newspaper.

Australia: fear and terror in Gympie: Super cell storm rages on small town

+++ 10.38 clock: 22 dead after flooding in Indonesia +++

Heavy flooding and landslides on the Indonesian island of Sumatra have killed at least 22 people. Many other people were missing, according to the authorities on Saturday. Heavy rains had been causing flooding and landslides in several districts since Wednesday.

At least 17 people have died in North Sumatra Province over the past three days, five more in West Sumatra, the authorities said. Eleven students of a Muslim boarding school in the village of Muara Saladi in the Mandailing Natal district of northern Sumatra died on Friday afternoon, said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman for the Civil Protection Department. They were hit by a building that had been destroyed by the flood waters. Dozens of houses have been destroyed.

Video: US Pastor Brunson travels to Germany via Germany

+++ 10.19 clock: cause of ICE fire was technical defect +++

According to the Federal Police, the cause of the ICE fire on the high-speed line from Cologne to Frankfurt am Main was a technical defect. Investigations together with the fire expert had shown that a foreign influence could be excluded, said the Federal Police. Now further investigations in the laboratory would have to clarify how exactly it could come to the fire. These investigations would certainly "continue for several weeks".

On Friday morning, the train with about 500 people in the Westerwald near the town of Kleinmaischeid caught fire. All passengers and train crew could leave the ICE. There were five slightly injured. According to railway two wagons burned out.

Meanwhile, the train was released, as the federal police announced on Saturday. The train was able to start the towing and repair work at night. The track closure will "certainly last the entire weekend".

After fire: ICE-Brand paralyzes route Cologne-Frankfurt all weekend - delays threaten

+++ 8.10 clock: Eight climbers died in a snowstorm in Nepal +++

At least eight climbers died in Nepal during a heavy snowstorm. According to police from Saturday, their camp was devastated on Mount Gurja in the west of the country. The eight dead were climbers from South Korea and their Nepalese mountain guides. Rescue workers discovered their bodies early in the morning. A ninth climber is missing. But the search is made difficult by changeable weather and the cold.

A helicopter could therefore land above the tent camp. However, the bodies could not be recovered for the time being because of the difficult weather conditions.

"We suspect that the accident was caused by a blizzard, because trees are kinked and the tents are destroyed," said police spokesman Sailesh Thapa AFP. "Even the dead are scattered." The expedition team had camped at the foot of the 7193 meter high Mount Gurja and waited for good weather to climb the summit.

+++ 7.10 clock: Car manufacturers could count on millions of repayment from diesel funds +++

The German automakers BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen can expect a double-digit million repayments from the diesel fund, in which they had paid a total of 250 million euros. This is evident from answers of the Federal Ministry of Transport to requests of the Green Group in the Bundestag, from which the newspapers of the Funke media group (Saturday issues) quote.

The 250 million euros had promised the auto industry at a diesel summit in August 2017, the federal government gave the same sum. The fund should provide funding to municipalities that are particularly affected by nitrogen oxide emissions. However, according to the report, it has now become clear that the approximately 60 cities in which the nitrogen oxide limit values ​​are exceeded, can not fully retrieve the money.

A maximum of 451.5 million euros will be paid out, according to the report from the Ministry of Transport: in addition to 95.5 million already allocated, applications for additional 356 million euros were received by the deadline of the end of August. The sum that will be paid out to the municipalities at the end of the day is still open.

+++ 5.50 clock: BER could be even more expensive +++

The years of waiting for the new capital airport could make the planned government terminal even more expensive. Were estimated at the planned start of the BER 2012, around 299 million euros, the federal government is now from 344 million euros, as the Federal Ministry of Construction announced.

But this may not be the last word: "Against the background of the much later construction start it may come on the basis of the general construction price development to cost adjustments," said in the response of the Ministry to a request of the FDP in the Bundestag.

The major airport in Schönefeld is expected to open in 2020 – with a delay of nine years. The cost is 6.5 billion euros, three times as high as at the start of construction. Construction of the government terminal is expected to be in late 2021 or early 2022. In 2025, the terminal is due to stand, as can be seen from the answer given to the German Press Agency.

+++ 5:15 clock: number of hurricane deaths in the US has risen to at least 16 +++

The number of deaths from hurricane "Michael" in the US has risen to at least 16. Jackson County authorities in Florida reported three deaths on Friday, US media reported. Previously, four storm casualties had been confirmed in the state. Five people were killed in Virginia, three in North Carolina and one in Georgia. The authorities expect more deaths.

The hurricane of the second highest category 4 hit land on Wednesday in northwest Florida. Numerous buildings were destroyed, trees were uprooted and power lines were torn down. In the town of Mexico Beach, Florida, where "Michael" first hit land, there was a picture of devastation. Whole houses were razed to the ground, boats lay in gardens, the streets were littered with fallen trees and electricity pylons.

Florida Governor Rick Scott said after a visit to Mexico Beach, the city was completely devastated. "It looks like a bomb went off, like in a war zone," Scott said. The most important thing now is to clarify the fate of the inhabitants, who would have resisted the evacuation calls before the storm.


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