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In addition to capital, entrepreneurship requires courage. A Chinese woman in Australia fulfilled her dream 11 years ago and resigned as a stable accountant to start a fashion brand company. But to avoid parents worrying, she wears a neat suit every morning and pretends to go to work. During the period, she secretly runs an online fashion store. Now the company has expanded into a large-scale enterprise with a market value of US$47 million (about HK$360 million).

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According to foreign media reports, the 35-year-old Australian woman Jane Lu immigrated to Australia from China with her parents when she was 8 years old. The 61-year-old mother and 67-year-old father worked as a cleaner in Sydney and raised their only daughter. They had high hopes for her. Jane Lu also lived up to her expectations. After graduation, she worked as an accountant in a well-known local accounting firm.

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Resign as an accountant to start a business

In fact, Jane Lu is not interested in the accountant job. When a friend suggested selling clothes online, she realized that she could not be an accountant as a lifelong career, so she resolutely quit her stable job in 2010 and seized the opportunity. Founded the fashion brand Showpo. However, at the time the world was still affected by the financial crisis and the economies of various countries were in recession. It was difficult for Jane Lu to tell her parents that she had quit her job as an accountant. She had to wear a suit and hold an empty computer bag to go to work with her mother every day.

“I put on my suit every day and took the bus with my mother into the city. I carried an empty computer bag with me… I often questioned life decisions at the time, but there was no turning back.”

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Concealing the parent business for 2 years

Jane Lu concealed from his parents for 2 years of starting a business, used up his credit card limit to buy stocks to save funds, sold clothes through an online platform, and hid the clothes to be sold in a garbage bag at home. Although the business is getting on track, her business partner quickly quit and re-opted for a more stable full-time job; and she was not discouraged and continued to run a personal company. During this period, she held events on Facebook and successfully opened up customer base. In just one month, the number of Showpo fans increased from 3,000 to 20,000.

Although the company’s business is booming, Jane Lu’s parents don’t know that her daughter has long sought another direction in life. It was not until two years later that she paid off the loan for her parents and bought a new car, and then revealed the truth to the two elders.

“They can’t believe how I own these… Their response is “We don’t have an entrepreneur in our family, how do you know you want to take this risk”?”

Jane Lu believes that parents who take their children all the way from China to settle in a foreign country are the real adventurers. “This is much more risky than quitting your job and starting a business in your early 20s.”

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The company’s market value exceeds nearly 400 million Hong Kong dollars

Today, Showpo has 1.8 million followers on Instagram, 1.3 million followers on Facebook, and 95,700 followers on its TikTok account.Showpo’s clothing styles have increased from the original 14 styles to 6,000, and it has more than 100 employees; more than half of the company’s revenue comes from the United States.The market value reaches 47 million US dollars (about 360 million Hong Kong dollars). Since 2017, Jane Lu has been on the “Australian Financial Review”‘s young rich list every year, and is considered one of Australia’s successful self-made female entrepreneurs.

Written by: Li Yingxin

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