Dream ship ZDF: crazy scene: suddenly THIS announcement sounded on board

“Dream ship”: Actress Barbara Wussow reveals – suddenly THIS announcement rang out on board

02/23/2021 at 6:30 p.m.

Barbara Wussow with her “Traumschiff” colleagues Florian Silbereisen and Daniel Morgenroth.

Photo: ZDF and Dirk Bartling

She is the good soul on that “Dream ship”. Even if on the ZDF-Luxury steamer everything goes haywire, hotel director Hanna Liebhold, played by Barbara Wussow, has everything under control.

But sometimes it also comes down to that “Dream ship” to scenes that one would not have thought possible. Just like last March, when the coronavirus hit the ideal world “Dream ship” shook. We spoke to actress Barbara Wussow about time.

“Dream ship”: Barbara Wussow reports on her Corona trip

When we spoke to Barbara Wussow in mid-February, the 59-year-old had just returned from filming the “dream ship” in the Maldives. A nice, but also exhausting time, said Wussow.

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“We were there for ten days on a tiny island. Just the film team, the actors and the crew of the hotel, ”reports the actress.

Fortunately, nobody got sick during that time. Also because the Corona precautionary measures were carried out carefully, said Wussow. “We were tested up and down beforehand. Taking a fever every day, washing hands every two hours. Always keep your distance. We were really very disciplined. Only in this way could we end this shoot negatively, as they say in these times. “

“Traumschiff”: “That was very exciting and scary on the one hand, but also very touching on the other.”

Barbara Wussow had to experience last year that things are also much less relaxed. The “dream ship” was on the high seas when the lockdown was declared worldwide. Barbara Wussow is also on board.

“That was very exciting and eerie on the one hand, but also very touching on the other. We got on the ship in San Francisco and were supposed to call at Panama. But then suddenly it was said that all ports were to be closed. At first, of course, there was great fear. How do we get home, do we get home at all, are we perhaps sick on board? ”, The native of Munich describes the uncertainty on the ship.


Dream ship: They were the captains

  • Günter König (1981-1982)
  • Heinz Weiss (1983-1999)
  • Siegried Rauch (1999 – 2013)
  • Sascha Hehn (2014 – 2019)
  • Florian Silbereisen (since 2019)


But then the captain made a far-reaching decision. The “MS Amadea” had to return to Bremerhaven. So he drove her from Panama to northern Germany in three weeks without stopping.

But that wasn’t that easy, after all, nobody on board was prepared for Corona, there were no masks. But a solution was also found for this on the “dream ship”.


More about the “dream ship”:


“On the ship the call went around who could sew with a sewing machine. Fortunately there were a lot of older people on board and the old ladies can still do that. We had two sewing machines on board. Then we obtained sectional drawings from the Internet and sewn 1200 masks out of the tablecloths and napkins. I still carry mine with me as a talisman, ”says Barbara Wussow, describing the end of a journey that she will probably never forget.

In the Maldives there was also a young woman who has never been seen on the “dream ship”. You can read who it is here.



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