Dreams deferred.. mys play the International … of the first 15 years of bad luck.

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15 years exactly is the journey of its star Lionel Messi with the Barcelona team the Spanish, was full of achievements, goals and titles that reached the 34 title, but it was quite a contrast with his country Argentina.

A 15-year-old Messi with tango dancers was more like a noisy but flour since his first appearance with 2005, she took over Barcelona, who wove around him the beauty of the country of his dreams and hopes, and advised him a lawful successor to the legend Maradona, failed throughout the period to the middle of it again for the coronation.

Multiple attempts was the failure of its ally, all, since the first participation of the facilitator in a large tournament, which was in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, where he participated flea intermittently initiated by the substitute in front of Serbia and Montevideo, 16 minutes, directed with a view to the roof of the aspirations of the fans of Argentina that are the same a lot of a rising star.

But Macy’s didn’t offer more than this target, involving substitute in the two games the next two in front of the Netherlands in groups, and then to Mexico in the final price, before you bring it Jose Beckerman the team’s coach, then on the bench in the quarter-final to exit Argentina against Germany in a penalty shootout, after the end face of the elected a 1-1 draw.

Brazil crash solutions

In general, the following shares of Macy’s at the arrival of the dancers Tango to the final of the Copa America held in Venezuela, where he scored two goals in the win tango dancers on Mexico and Peru in the quarter and semi-finals 4-0 3-0, and was close to achieving the dream of the title of the first international early.

But the dancers of the Samba Brazilians led by Robinho was to them another point of view, not sewn the final 3 goals in the net, the Argentine ended the dream of tango dancers in the restoration of the title, and Messi Coronation first international title.

The Germans strike again.

And after 3 years it was the second attempt of the facilitator to delight of the Argentines at the Mundial South Africa 2010, came to chance under the leadership of his mentor and inspiration of Maradona, who awarded him the captaincy in some tournament games excited everyone.

But it seems that it’s like a big pressure on the young star, despite achieving Argentina 4 consecutive victories in the groups and a quarter final, where and support the team as usual from the quarter-final loss again in front of the Germans to impose their screen 0-4.

Ghost penalty kicks

In the following year was the date of new with the Copa America, hosted by the tango dancers on their land and the beauty of them.

After a lackluster performance in the groups have experienced wins sole owners of the land before the Costa Rica 3-0 in the third match, after two draws disappointing to Bolivia 1-1 and Colombia 0-0, it took a penalty shootout to end career in Argentina in the quarter-final against Uruguay.

The game was ended the time of its original and additional 1-1 draw, before a rumbling Carlos Tevez kick-filtration-third of Argentina to the guests the result and their way towards the title 15 in the history of the world championship dedicated the title of one of the owners of the land.

Bad luck New

Whalley atmosphere of the World Cup again in 2014 on the land of the Samba, and beyond the dreams of Argentines kidnapped the world title from the land of their rivals Historic Places the opportunity to double, after the realization of tango dancers 5 consecutive wins they got to the semi-final against the Netherlands, Messi scored 4 goals, they were all in groups.

And Rafet penalty shootout, creating the tango this time, and their card for transit to the final, to strike an appointment with the Germans again who slide the owners of the land speed sweeper at their doorstep.

But, unfortunately, came the killer goal at the end of the second overtime of Mario Götze to wipe the Germans nickname their World Cup fourth, and dreams of Mesa International New, Are you fans of Argentina again waiting for a new opportunity to meet great.

Jinx the Turkish authorities speak

A melancholy spectacle Messi, Argentina reiterates in the Copa America twice in the next two years, after he lost flea and his comrades title in a penalty shootout in the final against Chile.

In 2015 the Argentine championship with a draw is a positive 2-2 draw against Paraguay, before they achieved two wins with the sole aim to Uruguay, the defending champion Jamaica, and then a penalty shootout on Colombia in the quarter-finals, before they pull Paraguay 6 goals.

Her Gonzalo Higuain two Ever Banega penalty kicks in the match against Chile was a sponsor of the two the Argentina match.

In the Copa America’s centenary in the following year dropped Argentina Friday investigator 5 consecutive victories until the final, the first of which was the defending champion in Chile, 2-1, before a renewed confrontation in the final, fly the ghost of the penalty shootout again and my dreams of tango dancers.

I realize Messi to jinx it with Argentina Pat inherent to the decision to recognize the league, before falling back about it later is involved in the Mondial 2018 which is the joint that was much weaker than its predecessors, and ended in the final price on the threshold of the hero’s subsequent France’s 4 goals to 3.

One last try.. dream deferred

It was the Copa America 2019 other attempts to Mesa International in the major leagues, after a career wobbly in the communities reached Argentina to the semi-finals, before losing from the Brazilian land owners 0-2 in a game where an arbitration award.

And stop Messi because of that game later because of his remarks offensive against the government the Union of South America, where he charged them to cooperate to dedicate the title to the owners of the land.

While he was waiting for the Messi embrace his country to copy 2020 of the tournament along with Colombia, in order to receive the support of the fans that as long as I trusted him, each granting its first international title in its history and feel it with tango dancers, came to MERS-CoV to delay that dream, and you Messi for a new captive for 15 years of international failure.


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