Dreams reveal a strange surprise for the new Look – Voice – Layalina


Dreams reveal a strange surprise for the new Look – Voice – Layalina Paris News Date: Tuesday, 17 April 2018 08:33 AM

Paris News – Locke’s new dreams are still in the “Voice” The Voice The program “Trending” reveals secrets about its details on the tongue of the Gulf Star. See also: Despite the fierce competition: Ahlam’s view outperforms all events with the live show Revealed Dreams The secret of the story of her hair, which won the approval of her fans, to announce a surprise never expected the public, she did not cut her hair as some thought, because she loves long hair and that she only wore a wig. In the same context, the Queen revealed that her diamond glasses were a frame, not a glass, and that they were available in three colors so that her fans could buy them.

Ahlam drew attention to her elegant look at The Voice, ranging from her diamond sunglasses to her Gucci-branded clothing. Ahlam’s vision has been able to dominate the conversations of those who follow the live broadcast of the second live show, so Voices, where many have confirmed that this view is the most beautiful yet of all the views that appeared in the talent program. The live show from The Voice in its fourth season has already started broadcasting, and the final result is expected to be announced with the sixth show.

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