Dreieich-Sprendlingen: Human bone parts found in forest

Symbolic picture police closure (Photo: Stadtgeschehen-Luebeck on Pixabay)

After apparently human skeletal parts were found in a forest in Dreieich-Sprendlingen, the Darmstadt public prosecutor and the criminal police in Offenbach began investigations with the aim of determining the identity of the person and clarifying the background to the discovery.

A walker informed the police late on Sunday evening (29th) that he had found a bone in a forest area near Dreieich-Sprendlingen.

The investigators then cordoned off the site and subsequently found further bone fragments, which, according to an initial assessment by the forensic medicine department, which is also active on site, are the remains of a male corpse.

In the course of the search measures, which lasted until this Tuesday afternoon (31st) due to the difficult to access and densely overgrown ground, a municipal service company from the city of Dreieich was also used, which first had to cut back the bushes and plants in order to be able to work enable.

It is still unclear who it is and how the person died. The criminal police have therefore started further investigations, which are primarily focused on establishing the identity and the circumstances of the death. For this purpose, the remains are now being examined more closely by forensic medicine.

(Text: Joint press release from the public prosecutor’s office in Darmstadt and the police headquarters in Southeast Hesse)

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