“Dresden pours” initiative: water for the trees now also on Konkordienplatz

A white water tank has been standing in front of the transformer house on Konkordienplatz for a few weeks. No caption, no hint. However, word quickly got around that the water was intended for watering the trees in the area. Without asking many questions, residents and business people came with watering cans and buckets of water and got started.

As of today there is a label on the water tank and everyone can find out why they are standing here. Two years ago, the city awarded a special prize of 1,000 euros to the newly founded “Dresden pours” initiative. “We then decided to use the money to buy two large water tanks,” said Louise Hummel-Schröter, co-founder of the initiative, at a press event today. It is clear that permanent irrigation of all street trees in Dresden cannot be provided by citizens’ initiatives or by the city. “Nevertheless, it is good if citizens are given the opportunity to take care of trees in their immediate vicinity that are particularly affected by acute drought,” she said, adding. “We are very excited to see how the container model proves itself.”

There are tips for watering at the water tank. Photo: W. Schenk

Peter Skyba from the Stresemannplatz casting initiative in Striesen, added. “A street tree is a street resident and shapes the image of a street for many decades. It cools, cleans the air and provides shade.” At Stresemannplatz, people meet every Wednesday at 5 p.m. to water the around 50 chestnut trees together.

For the water tank on Konkordienplatz, Änne Stange from the Café Gemüsetorte and Quäntchen owner Sven Wruck have taken on the task of coordinating the watering activities. “Above all, we want to ensure that all trees benefit equally from the water supply,” the two emphasize. The office for urban greenery and waste management, as a cooperation partner of the “Dresden pours” initiative, ensures that the tanks are regularly refilled with water.

Eva Jähnigen: It is important that the water reaches deep down to the roots of the trees. Photo: W. Schenk

If the tests are successfully accepted at three different locations throughout the city – in addition to Konkordienplatz and Stresemannplatz also in Bertold-Brecht-Allee – we want to expand the campaign, environmental mayor Eva Jähnigen (Greens) announced today.

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The water tank now also has instructions for watering. There you will also find tips for watering trees with irrigation pipes or on a tree disc. A young tree needs 50 to 100 liters of water per week. “We now hope that many residents will accept the offer and take part in the watering campaign,” say Änne Stange and Sven Wruck. After all, it is also about a piece of quality of stay around the Konkordienplatz.

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