Dries Roelvink: ‘I see Martien Meiland change as soon as the camera is turned on’ | gossip

For a new program of SBS6, the Meiland family will soon be living below the poverty line for a while. Exactly what the well-known families Roelvink and Froger did years ago in Not to make a cent. “It seems hilarious to me, everything those people touch turns into gold,” says Roelvink. However, the singer does not have a high opinion of Martien Meiland. “I have serious doubts about the authenticity of Martien Meiland. I see him change as soon as the camera comes on.”

Roelvink himself says that he also has trouble being himself in front of the camera, unlike his son Dave. “When the camera starts rolling, I am also aware of that. Who doesn’t have that at all is Dave, my oldest son. That is why people like to see him appear in all kinds of programs. It doesn’t change at all, it is completely itself. I think that’s real TV. And Meiland, I have my doubts about that.”

The Roelvink family will not participate in a reality series again in the short term. Although according to Roelvink it is not inconceivable that it will happen again in a while. „For something like we did in The Roelvinkjes fit the store of Don’t make a centI can still make them enthusiastic.”

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