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According to police, Reyes, 24, had a conversation with his mother at their home in Nescdeck on Saturday night. The young man had then got into his car and was driving through nearby Berwick at around 6:15 p.m. He said he was “very frustrated” and “tired of constantly arguing with his mother, including about money,” and wanted it to stop.

At the same time, around 75 people gathered in a parking lot in front of a bar on August 5 for a benefit evening in honor of the victims of the great fire in Nescopeck. Seven adults and three children died.

Reyes first drove past the parking lot, then shortly after turned around and “driven through the crowd,” police said. Reyes himself emphasized during his interrogation that he hit the group at high speed. Surveillance images also show the driver suddenly stepping on the gas. One person, a 50-year-old woman, was killed. Seventeen others were injured. Among them, five other victims are believed to be in critical condition.

The community is very shocked by the drama.

The suspect was driving home after the accident but saw his mother – 56-year-old Rosa Reyes – walking in the road during the return journey. Reyes stated that he first ran her over with his car, after which he hit her several times with a hammer. The woman did not survive the terrible attack.

When the twenty-something was taken away by the police on Sunday morning, he only said “sorry” to the press present. According to local newspaper Press Enterprise, the young man has already been given a probation period for another heated argument with his mother in 2020, during which he allegedly slapped her in the face with her own smartphone because she wouldn’t let him use it.

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