Driver Action Happens Again That Blocks Ambulance Speed

JAKARTA, – Action of the driver blocking the speed of the ambulance again happened. This time the video of the action was uploaded by the latest information account on Tiktok.

Seen in the video there is a red car allegedly blocking the ambulance. This incident occurred in Strat 3 Balikpapan on Friday (25/3/2022).

In the video description it was written that the car driver thought the ambulance was empty, or did not carry patients. But actually, in his cabin it was clear that there were patients who had to be rushed to the hospital immediately.

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Responding to things like this, Marcell Kurniawan, Training Director of The Real Driving Center said, this incident is indeed ironic, where there are people who do not want to give way to ambulances that turn on sirens.

“Whether or not there is a patient in the ambulance, it’s not our business, it’s the road user’s duty to make way,” Marcell told Kompas.comSaturday (26/3/2022).

This is also clearly regulated in Article 134 of Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation (LLAJ). Ambulances occupy the second position of vehicles that have the main right on the road, under fire fighting vehicles.

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Indeed, there have been incidents of ambulances not picking up patients but turning on the sirens. In addition, there have also been those who abused the ambulance to carry bogus and reckless motorbikes in Makassar.

“Even if there are no patients inside who are at fault, there is the ambulance driver, not us as the driver,” said Marcell.

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