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Driver throws passengers out of bus and is celebrated for it

But there was someone extremely rigorous: The driver of a Paris bus has thrown all passengers out of his vehicle. Reason: You did not give a wheelchair user room to board.

After everyone left the bus, driver François Le Berre, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and is therefore in a wheelchair, was the only one to get in and drove away. This is reported by the French newspaper "Le Point".

According to Le Berre, the incident happened on the afternoon of 18 October. In social networks, the man describes the situation as follows: "When no one gave me space, the driver got up and said, Endstation! Everyone disembarked! 'Then he came to me, said I could get in and the others should wait for the next bus. "

Also RATP, the operator of public transport in Paris and the surrounding area, commented on the incident on Twitter: There, the company asked the wheelchair users for more detailed information such as location, time and bus line to find out who exactly the bus driver was to praise the To pronounce action.

RATP praises bus driver for the action

However, one user feared that the information could be used to punish the bus driver, whereupon RATP stated in another post that the driver had no penalties to fear.

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