drivers do not have to pay anything!

Electric vehicles are allowed to park in a space with a charging station without paying parking fees. Is this “elite parking” or an advantage to highlight for electric car drivers? The question arises in Ghent.

“Many owners of electric vehicles do not know this and pay to park,” explains Christiaan Van Bignoot (Open VLD) to our colleagues from Nieuwsblad. The Ghent liberals would like users to be better informed. To do this, they propose, for example, to put a sticker on the parking meters.

A gap in the law

The Open VLD also wishes to penalize drivers who park in this type of space without connecting to the charging station. For the moment, electric vehicles can indeed park there for free “even without charging”, recognizes the alderman of Mobility Filip Watteeuw (Groen).

Filip Watteuw would like to get rid of this law but points to a “breach in the legislation”. If the municipality maintains free zones for electric cars, it cannot be authorized to ask drivers for money. “A modification of the highway code at the federal level is necessary. As soon as it is done, we will implement it in Ghent”.

Minister Gilkinet has already confirmed that a royal decree was in preparation to redefine the notion of parked vehicle. However, cities like Antwerp and Louvain have already legislated on the subject.

“Anyone who can afford an electric car today doesn’t need a free parking space,” said Johan Deckmyn from Vlaams Belang.