Drivers should drive particularly carefully on Halloween – BZ Berlin

“Trick or treat” is the motto on Germany’s front doors on the night before All Saints’ Day. When children in disguise move from house to house, drivers should be particularly careful.

Drivers should be particularly careful in the evening hours of October 31st – little ghosts and vampires should frolic on the streets on Halloween.

In dark costumes, the children are hard to see when it gets dark, says Tüv Süd.

It must be expected that the children do not yet know how to behave in traffic. That is why the TÜV Süd advises motorists to be ready to brake at all times.

If you go to a Halloween party yourself, you should make sure that the disguise does not interfere with driving. Sight and hearing must not be restricted. Otherwise there is a risk of trouble with the insurance company and a fine in the event of an accident. It is safer to put on the costume on site.

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Anyone who uses public transport or a taxi instead of a car does not come into conflict with the law, even if they consume alcohol. Otherwise, if you drive under the influence of alcohol, you could be punished with heavy fines.

Even in the morning after the party, it is better to be careful – keyword residual alcohol. The body can only break down about 0.1 to 0.15 per mille of alcohol in the blood per hour, says Tüv Süd.