Driving with a mask can also lead to a fine

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Updated:05/05/2020 01: 48h


Until now, during the state of alarm decreed by the Government two months ago, and as of this Monday, May 4, we entered the de-escalation plan, we have used a mask, and sometimes gloves, to drive. Specifically, according to an order from the BOE referring to Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda (TMA / 384/2020 of May 3) indicates that “In private private and complementary transport of people in vehicles of up to nine seats, including the driver, two people can move in each row of seats, as long as they wear masks respect the maximum distance between the occupants ».

That is to say, the use of the mask in the car, during Phase 0 in which we find ourselves, is mandatory if two people who do not live in the same home travel, so they must also maintain the distance between rows and opposite seats. But if two people living together are traveling, the mask is only recommended. It should be known that as of Phase 1, which will come into force on Monday, May 11, among those living together it would continue to be only recommended and the whole family could travel, not just two people.

Given this, it is important that drivers keep in mind that they can also be penalized if the agents consider that the clothing puts security at risk. In other words, the mask must not only be well placed, but must also be of an adequate size. For example, it is necessary to differentiate medical masks from those made at home or balaclavas, which can cover more than necessary, disturb, tarnish the glasses if they are used, and even hinder visibility.

And it is that with a mask and gloves an issue almost similar to that of driving with the coat on in winter, or in flip flops and without a shirt in summer occurs. Or even driving in heels, putting on makeup, eating, or sticking your elbow out the window. And although in these cases, they are not prohibited nor is there a law that dictates it, if a traffic officer observes Any “act” that endangers road safety or hinders freedom of movement may fine you. A sanction ranging from 80 to 200 euros, depending on the severity of the offense, but does not subtract points on the driving license.

Of course, there are three articles of the General Traffic Regulation that oblige the driver to «Maintain their own freedom of movement, the necessary field of vision and permanent attention to driving; as well as maintaining an adequate posture and that it be maintained by the rest of the passengers ».


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