DRK and city honor blood donors for their social commitment

“Fresh blood is always good,” quoted the chairman of the DRK local association Spaichingen, Patrick Griffel, when he and Mayor Markus Hugger honored anniversary blood donors in the meeting room of the town hall on Wednesday. Using numbers, Hugger and Griffel made it clear how vital donating blood is.

Every third German needs a blood donation at least once in their life, Mayor Hugger knew. On average, 15,000 blood donations per day would be given in Germany. Every year the Germans donated two million liters of blood. The juice of life is used, for example, for accident, transplant or cancer patients. And – as Mayor Hugger pointed out – it has not yet been possible to develop a substitute for blood.

After the blood donation ceremony last year was canceled due to the corona, the mayor was happy to be able to publicly thank the responsible donors and that so many honored people came. And even if the recognition is only symbolic, so Mayor Hugger, it ultimately recognizes the social commitment and responsibility for their fellow human beings, who take on the donors.

The honors were: In honor level 10 Regina Bähr, Karina Jakowenko, Jonathan Kupferschmid, Hans-Jürgen Maier, Maike Maurer, Jonas Palilla, Christoph Rapp, Yvonne Reiser and Günter Weger; Honor level 25: Anita Dinter, Theresia Fleischer, Angelika Maurer, Sandra Schimanski, Elvis-Martin Sopek and Monika Veser; Honor level 50: Dimitri Daffe, Elly Flad, Josef Ilg, Renate Koch, Cornelia Michalke and Bernt Stadelhofer; Honor level 75: Lothar Flaig, Beate Haffky and Heidi Merkt; Honor level 125: Christian Bur am Orde.