DRK blood donation service is looking forward to the holidays with concern

Berlin (dpa/bb) – According to the German Red Cross (DRK), the supply situation for blood products in Berlin and Brandenburg is still extremely tense.

“We have a daily stock of just under two days, five days in advance would be desirable,” said Kerstin Schweiger, spokeswoman for the DRK blood donation service north-east of the German Press Agency. “We look forward to the long holidays with concern because the depots are not well stocked and the blood preparations do not last long,” explained the spokeswoman.

Depending on the preparation, the shelf life is 5 to 42 days. “We have to reckon with the fact that many regular donors are absent due to vacation,” says Schweiger. Only if constant donations are made every working day in the next two summer months can patient care be secured over the summer holidays.

High activity in the clinics

The need in the clinics remains high – in some cases it is up to 30 percent higher than under normal conditions, since treatments that were postponed during the lockdown phases are made up for in addition to normal operations. The very hot summer weather and the high rate of corona infections make things more difficult.

Many infected donors are temporarily not allowed to donate blood. “After a symptomatic corona infection with fever, blood can only be donated 28 days after healing, after a mild infection without fever seven days after healing,” said the spokeswoman.

Blood donors can donate to the DRK, but also to private and state-communal blood donation services. The latter also offer financial compensation.