DRM and Alder lake-S, Gigabyte offers a solution, “DRM Fix Tool”

Gigabyte unveils a tool to correct a “DRM” incompatibility with certain Core 12 processorsth generation aka Alder Lake-S. The utility allows dynamic activation or deactivation of the E-Cores.

Intel is at the origin of a hybrid architecture with the arrival of its Alder Lake processors. It offers a mix of “high performance” cores and “high efficiency” cores. This approach thus combines P-Cores based on the Golden Cove architecture and E-Cores based on the Gracemont architecture. An internal thread scheduler decides which task should run on these two types of cores.

However, this innovation is accompanied by some problems with some video games at least their protection solutions. E-Cores can be recognized as another system by DRM software which causes failures.

Alder Lake-S and DRM, DRM Fix Tool is coming

GIGABYTE has designed a utility around its Z690 motherboards to solve the problem. The idea is quite simple. The software makes it possible to activate and deactivate the E-Cores on demand. This choice is a simple solution for certain titles to work correctly. In this case, they only use the P-cores.

This tool only works with Gigabyte motherboards. It weighs less than 1 MB and does not require any installation. It only requires that the BIOS be up to date with the latest firmware available.

Here is the list of supported motherboards and BIOS required

Motherboard Firmware
Z690 Aorus Elite AX DDR4 F6a
Z690 Aero D F5a
Z690 Aero G F4b
Z690 Aero G DDR4 F6a
Z690 Aorus Elite F4a
Z690 Aorus Elite AX F5a
Z690 Aorus Elite DDR4 F5a
Z690 Aorus Master F6b
Z690 Aorus Pro F6a
Z690 Aorus Pro DDR4 F6a
Z690 Aorus Tachyon F3a
Z690 Aorus Ultra F5a
Z690 Aorus Xtreme F5a
Z690 Aorus Xtreme WaterForce F4a
Z690 Gaming X F5a
Z690 Gaming X DDR4 F6a
Z690I Aorus Ultra F4a
Z690I Aorus Ultra DDR4 F5a
Z690M Aorus Elite AX DDR4 F5a
Z690M Aorus Elite DDR4 F5a
Z690M DS3H DDR4 F2a
Z690 UD F5a
Z690 UD AC F5a
Z690 UD AX F5a
Z690 UD AX DDR4 F5a
Z690 UD DDR4 F5a