Drought, Curcio: ‘At work on the parameters for the state of emergency’ – Chronicle

“We are thinking about the technical parameters to meet the demands” of the territory. The Regions “that have solicited a state of emergency. Let us remember that the state of emergency serves to do things. We are working to define what are the activities that follow the state of emergency which is not an idea but consists of a series of actions that must be done. Together with the declaration, the actions must be verified, we are working on it “. She said it the head of the Civil Protection, Fabrizio Curcioat the end of the meeting with the Conference of Regions on the drought emergency.

“There is no doubt that there is one important criticality due to the fact that it hasn’t rained for weeks, the rivers are in great decline, the saline wedge in the Po reaches even tens of kilometers. The situation has its own complexity. The trends are therefore not positive for the next few weeks: we do not expect a turnaround from a meteorological point of view. Periods of drought still await us “Curcio said.


Fedriga: on the state of emergency we will find a solution
“On the national state of emergency we are discussing with the Civil Protection, I think that on this, together with Curcio we will arrive at a solution in which the criteria for the declaration of a state of emergency and above all the interventions that can be done are precisely identified . There is total harmony between the Civil Protection regional conference “. This was stated by the president of the Conference of the Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga at the end of the meeting with the head of Civil Protection, Fabrizio Curcio on the drought emergency.

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Fontana: the situation has never been so serious
“The situation exposed by Curcio is of an exceptional nature that has been repeating itself for some years but never as serious as this year. As the Lombardy Region, we have already been carrying out a series of interventions for two months that try to maintain the delicate balance between drinking water needs and irrigation needs structural interventions that are necessary and cannot be postponed. Perhaps we will have to intervene with funds from the PNNR. “This was said by the governor of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana on the sidelines of the meeting between the Conference of the Regions and the Head of Civil Protection, Fabrizio Curcio on the drought emergency.

Cirio: We need the direction of the government commissioner
“We were the first Region of Italy to advance the request for a state of emergency and natural disaster, now all the Northern Regions have followed this request. It is necessary that there be a commissioner by the government because we must obtain two things: the allocation of resources for damage to agriculture and to prevent the damage from increasing, that is, to intervene on the hydroelectric basins on our lakes to find immediate solutions “. This was stated by the president of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio, on the sidelines of the meeting between the Conference of the Regions and the head of the Civil Protection on the drought emergency.

Giani: rules to facilitate the construction of reservoirs
“Especially in the north, where we see the Po in what state it is in, the problems are very strong. In my region we have a slightly better situation because we have done some works. There is no doubt that the road throughout Italy consists in planning with rules that can facilitate the construction of reservoirs and waste water deposits because the future bodes well with the difficult conditions we have today. A state of emergency will also be needed on the part of the state “. This was stated by the president of Tuscany, Eugenio Giani, speaking on the sidelines of the meeting between the Conference of the Regions and the head of civil protection, Fabrizio Curcio.

Timmermans: extreme drought in Italy, act now on the climate
“The science is very clear”, the climatic events that are occurring all over Europe “threaten food security. Let’s look at the soils: 70% are in bad condition and this limits the production of food in certain areas. Let’s look at the pollinators: ” . Thus the vice president of the EU Commission, Frans Timmermans, at a press conference. “If now is not the time” to act on the climate, “when?” She added.

The Po Authority: from snow to heat it is the perfect storm
“The summer has not yet begun and we are in the absence of water resources, it is the perfect storm”. So Meuccio Berselli, general secretary of the Po-MiTE River District Authority, in a video update on the severe drought situation in the Po valley. It is the perfect storm, he explains, “because in the last 6-8 months the winter snow has peaked at minus 60-70%,” negatively affecting the “storage of water needed to fill large regulated lakes. Second, it hasn’t rained in the Po basin for at least 120 days. Third, temperatures are 3-4 degrees higher than the average for the period “.

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