Drug Trafficking: Prime Minister of the British Virgin Islands Arrested in Florida

The Prime Minister of the British Virgin Islands was arrested Thursday in Florida and charged with drug trafficking and money laundering, the governor of this UK overseas territory announced.

“It is my duty as governor to inform you that this morning Prime Minister Andrew Fahie was arrested in Miami on charges related to the importation of narcotics and money laundering,” said official to the governor of the Virgin Islands, John Rankin, in a statement from press. .

The director of the port services of the British Virgin Islands, Oleanvine Maynard, and the latter’s son, Kadeem Maynard, were also arrested for the same events, the head of the US anti-drug agency said in a press release sent to AFP. (DEA), Anne Milgram.

“Any person involved in the importation of dangerous drugs into the United States will be held accountable, regardless of their position,” he said.

A date with fake dealers

The three defendants were arrested at a North Miami airport while on a date with Mexican drug traffickers, actually undercover DEA agents, who were going to give them $700,000 in cash in exchange for helping them smuggle cocaine from Colombia to Miami and New York. according to court documents cited by the US press.

The British Virgin Islands, which have approximately 35,000 inhabitants, are located to the east of Puerto Rico and are known for being one of the main tax havens on the planet.

The Caribbean archipelago has a self-government, but Queen Elizabeth II appoints a governor, on the recommendation of the British government.