Drugs and mental health – video of Cara Delevingne shocked

Video: watson/Fabian Welsch


19.09.2022, 12:2419.09.2022, 16:39

A video by Cara Delevingne is currently shocking fans, acquaintances and friends of the model. After attending Burning Man, Delevingne wanted to fly from Los Angeles to New York on a Jay-Z plane.

But instead of traveling to the US east coast, the model got off the plane after 45 minutes – and made a name for herself with shocking video footage at the airport:

Video: watson/Fabian Welsch

Substance abuse and mental health problems

According to TMZ, Cara Delevingne has had issues “beyond substance abuse” for a long time. Accordingly, fans are concerned. A good friend of Cara Delevingne’s, actress Margot Robbie, is also said to be concerned. According to TMZ, she and other friends of Delevingne are said to be lobbying for the model to go to a clinic. (fwe)

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