Drugs: "With the GHB, it can very badly end"

Drugs: "With the GHB, it can very badly end"

His first time was five years ago in a Paris apartment. “If you want, I have GHB,” he then throws a friend he recently attended. At 24, Theo *, very curious, has already tested a lot of drugs. This one, he knows, “is quite dangerous.” But he wants to try. And if he accepts, it’s also because the young man who offers him is … anesthetist. “I thought he could measure it, it reassured me. ” The two lovers then dilute a few milliliters in a sweet soda. And swallow it. “It was really disgusting, it had a taste of chemical, like white spirit. Ten minutes later, his senses awaken, mingled with hot flashes. A certain euphoria seizes him. “It was very disinhibiting. It greatly increases desire and performance. But you really have to note the time you take, because you have a distorted perception of time. ” This is the trap. If you do not want to mix GHB and alcohol, some people quickly allow themselves a drink, thinking it’s been hours. “Here is the disaster, you can end up in a coma He warned, his eyes wide open. The next day, the descent is “hard”. Theo wakes up, his head heavy, a little confused as after “a big boil”. “I still found it pretty cool and I used it a few times with him. ” READ ALSO> Alert GHB: “If nothing is done, we could have 100 comas in the year” A few months later, Theo takes another, with a friend, in Paris. This time, his friend drank some whiskey. “I advised against it, but he did not listen to me. ” Too late. The young boy begins to stammer for thirty seconds and falls asleep “like a mass on his sofa”. Theo panic. Fortunately, another friend, present at the party, supports him. “He finally woke up the next day, but I was scared,” he says. It will not be the only time. One day, one of his friends in Brussels (Belgium) suddenly begins to chained the “small malaise”. And another day, at a techno festival in Croatia, Theo sympathizes with a group of partygoers, “permanently under GHB”. Suddenly, one of them collapses in the middle of the pit. “I saw him, he did not move, terribly pale,” Theo reacts, shocked. When he walks away, his friends put him in a lateral safety position. And wait for help. Fortunately, the young man will get away. He avoids taking in the evening, where the alcohol flows, precisely “to avoid comas”. The explosion of the number of ailments is only half astonishing. “GHB is cheap and those who do not consider themselves addicts. This is paradoxical. They are looking for the effect feel good . There is also the problem of dosing that causes the bodies to fail. Theo acknowledges it: “It’s really dangerous, if you go over the limit, it can really end badly! ” * The name has been changed.

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