Drunk wrong-way driver on A5 | Upper Hessian newspaper

Around 4.40 a.m., several road users had reported the wrong-way driver to the police, who was heading in the direction of Kassel and who also noticed “absolutely dangerous driving”, the police reported. The 47-year-old driver obviously noticed his misconduct and turned around shortly before Fernwald before the police officers who had been summoned arrived. The emergency services were finally able to stop the wrong-way driver shortly before Reiskirchen. The alleged reason for driving in the opposite direction of travel could be determined quickly, according to the police: The driver from Daaden (Rhineland-Palatinate) was clearly under the influence of alcohol. A breath alcohol test showed a value of 2.5 per mille a little later. He had to go to the police station, where blood was drawn and his driver’s license was secured as a result. A relative picked up the driver and his heavily intoxicated passenger from the highway police in Butzbach.