Dry the weekend for Carraízo

Before the start of a rationing plan for the subscribers of the reservoir of CarraízoIt will not be until next Monday that rain events take place that could benefit this dam.

According to the forecasts of the National Weather Service (SNM), no significant rainfall is expected during the weekend that could nourish the Carraízo reservoir. The agency hopes that by Monday a tropical wave will approach the island and that it could alleviate the dry conditions of the reservoir.

“So far, the forecast does not favor significant accumulation of rains in the Carraízo basin or in eastern Puerto Rico in the next three days, over the weekend. Of course, we expect the arrival of a tropical wave on Monday that so far the models indicate that it can bring or help the development of downpours in the area. And possibly bring some relief to the conditions we are experiencing, not only of the lakes, but of drought in these areas, “he said. Ian Colón, SNM meteorologist.

This morning, the level of the Carraízo reservoir dawned in 37.02 meters of water and at the “Control” level —according to the charts of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) – which represents a decrease of .10 meters between yesterday and today. The AAA rationing plan began today and will affect various sectors of San Juan, Carolina, Canóvanas and Trujillo Alto. Meanwhile, the Cidra reservoir today fell to the level of ‘operational adjustments’, with 400.97 meters of water.

However, the amount of rain that this atmospheric system could leave is unknown and if they will be enough to hydrate the lake basins. “You have to wait to see how that system develops as it gets closer,” added the meteorologist.

Colón also pointed out that in order to benefit the levels of the Carraízo lake, the rains must fall in the municipalities of Caguas, San Lorenzo, Las Piedras, Juncos, Gurabo, east of Aguas Buenas, east of Cidra, portions of Naguabo , the south of Trujillo Alto and the south of San Juan. “Any rain that falls in those areas will be beneficial for the lake level,” said Colón.

Given the panorama experienced by the Carraízo lake reservoir, the AAA reported that starting Thursday, July 2, a 24-hour rationing plan will begin for various sectors of San Juan, Carolina, Canóvanas and Trujillo Alto. The scheduled outage plan consists of suspending service in 24-hour periods – one day yes and another no – starting at 9:00 am

Find out if your sector will be affected by rationing:


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