DSDS star Manuel Hoffmann has been sentenced to nine years in prison for attempted murder. The 27-year-old was in court because he had brutally beaten his roommate. A revision was rejected.

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In November 2017, Manuel Hoffmann was the first time for attempted murder in court. When the singer was sentenced to nine years' imprisonment in March 2018, his lawyer filed an appeal with the Federal Court of Justice (BGH). However, this has now been rejected, as reported by "Bild". Uwe Braun, the spokesman for the Wetzlar district attorney's office, told the newspaper: "The decision of the BGH came in. The review of the case has not revealed any legal errors."

2010 at DSDS: Manuel Hoffmann secured third place. (Source: imago)

The third-place finisher from the 2010 DSDS squad struck his roommate with the stone base of a cup. The 30-year-old survived shortly, but suffered a fractured skull. For more than four years, the two men lived together in a flat in Braunfels. Their views on whether it is just a friendship between them, or more, seemed to diverge.

On 7 May 2017, it finally came to the deed. Since then, Hoffmann has been in custody. According to the "picture", the victim declares in court: "I thought he was the best person on earth, that can not be." He continued to beat, continued to beat, and then I saw that it was the cup that he used on me Then he broke with the stone pedestal, and the blood spurted everywhere. "



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