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A rock shaped controller is literally driving social media crazy, with gamers who have launched into the most daring jokes pointing out the similarity with the various DualSense e Xbox Controller. Of course the building materials of the primitive controller are much more solid than those of the others. Moreover, if it has survived several geological eras, there will be a reason. If we want, we can define them as rocky, a joke so obvious that it was unthinkable not to do it.

However the stone you can see in the photo is currently the object most desired of the world of video games. Some have virtuously wondered what console it was meant for. It will probably take a little digging to find out. Who knows if it will be compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X. New generation, old systems. Who knows if there is a super fast stone SSD … more solid state than that. Okay, let’s stop.

A kind of game started on the net console war, in this case nice, to decide if the stone looks more like the DualSense or the Xbox controller. You think? Does it seem more like a design from Sony or Microsoft?

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